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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bangkok trip

I'm in Bangkok. Guess what I have been doing? I rode an elephant today!! very cool!! I also made a video diary and a written diary. I will try to make a book of each day of my diary so that when I get back you'll have something to read and I can share my experiences with you.

Toning we thinking about going to the movie. I'm not sure what we want to see yet. I made it through the day without a lot of jet lag. I'd bet I'll sleep good tonight. Tomorrow we will be going to the Sunday Market that sells everything at rock bottom prices. We will leave by sky tram and return in a subway train.

Well this is all for now, I have a feeling we're going to be in Bangkok a lot. Here is the scenerio, we're leaving to Nongka on Monday because we have to wait for Dang to get in on Sunday late night. The 1st we may be in Bangkok again since my dad will be leaving, but then again if he take the bus from Nongka he may go directly to the airport then we may not be in Bangkok in that case. My aunt is leaving between the 5-9 because she is on the airplane waiting list whatever become available she'll leave then. And of course I will be leaving on the 8th so I"ll be in Bangkok sooner.

Anyway if it all work out I may be able to write to you in town in Chantaburi when we go in town. I have so much to tell you, but they charge us 10 Baht minium per usage of the internet and 1 baht per minutes.
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