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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Day 2 in Bangkok Thailand

Officially first full day in Bangkok, Needless to say I could not sleep past four in the morning. I kept tossing and turning and finally got up again at 4:30 and gave Heather a call. She sounded really happy to hear my voice. She mentioned that Emily was not feeling well, her complaint of ear ache. Anyhow, after that I try again to go back to sleep and the same thing occur; I kept tossing and turning. Finally at around 6am I got up with brilliant ideas. I was going to the fitness room. Well I finally got dressed and went down to the third floor. I walked out the swimming pool and climbed up the spiral staircase to reach the fitness room. And low and behold it’s closed, here I am waked up got dressed walked around looking for the fitness room and it’s not even open. The facilities open at 7am so, I mossy back down to the room and kill some time watched some TV and did not try to go back to sleep.

Finally Seven o’clock came around and my wake up call rang in. I was already up you moron, I thought to myself. But the good news was I’m already dressed and can head down to the buffet anytime when everyone else is ready. So, I waited in the room until mom and dad gets up.
Once everyone was ready we all walked to the elevator and headed down to the lobby. Not long after we gathered at the hotel restaurant we saw my aunt, Cartoon and Meant. We scoot the table and chairs together so we can all socialize during breakfast.

My aunt kept complementing me on my physics; she thinks I’ve lost weight this time around and that I look really good. It was nice to hear, she also asked about everyone in the family. She told me her twin are very ornery. We’ve discussed the plans for the day and talk about many other things. Then finally after breakfast we sort of split up mom, dad, and me have plans (imagine that!) while my aunt and her gang had their own errand to run. We met back up at the room, since mom and dad have to make some changes in their outfit. Dad had wore pants and mom had wore flip flop down to the breakfast. Both would like to change into something more comfortable for the day. Dad changed into shorts and mom put on walking tennis shoes.
Mom also have a pair of shoes that need fixing so we were going to walk down to the soi (or narrow street) where there is a street shoe vendor that fixes shoes, but he doesn’t open up shop until around 9am.

We got out the hotel door and coincidently met up with the hotel manager. My aunt has made plan earlier to meet up with him to give him some present she has brought for him. The manager is very queer. He dressed up in a black three piece suite his hair cut very feminine short on the back and each side and very stylish on top. He had on a lot of jewelry rings on both hands and bracelets. His shoe is black and very long tips that actually curl up like the shoes you see in a cartoon show the Aladdin. My aunt introduce me to him we wai and then shook hands he keep complementing me how handsome I look and how good look I were. I was really embarrass, and my aunt she really took it all in she kept smiling and giggle so as my mom and dad they think it’s funny. My dad actually tap me on the arms while we all were standing there listening into their conversation to point out his shoes as we were walking toward the elevator and we both smile. As we both walk toward the elevator he asked how I like those shoes. I said yea it looks uncomfortable. Dad was shaking his head saying that now we not going to be able to leave, mom and aunt will stood their and talk forever. Finally after a little while longer we got mom to separate from them and only my aunt and the manager stood talking.

After we got into the elevator I asked mom who he was, and she had told me that he is the manager of the Ambassador Hotel and dad said that most of the managers here in Thailand in general are sort after and look upon. I was amaze how he looks and acts and speaks like a queer. Undoubtedly, we all agreed he is gay. I also was curious why my aunt would be presenting him some gifts. Mom explains that they have very good connection with him and have been his returning customers for years. The manager has been giving my mom and aunt several discounts for room stays and free breakfast vouchers. Once we’ve reached the lobby we were ready to head out the door, my mom forgot to bring the shoes she wanted the street vendor to fix. So, I volunteer to go back up to the room and retrieved it for her. I go up to the hotel floor we stayed in and my aunt and the manager were still chit chatting. I try to walk by quickly but could not go to the door without them seeing me. I told them I had to get mom’s shoes that she had forgotten to bring. I got the shoes and headed out to the elevator, the manager keep saying to my aunt how good looking I am and how handsome I looked. He had ask me if I have any brother or sisters, I told them just two sisters and he ask me what my name was, I told him Ott. It was all fun and games my aunt took it all in smiling and giggling. I just play along with it I thought it was pretty funny.

Finally got back to the lobby and headed outside where mom and dad had waited. Then we realized we forgot to bring the Visitor guide down from the room, but dad said just go back to the lobby and grab it from the concierge desk. I told them I would do it. I went back into the lobby grab the magazine and walked back out to meet up with them once again. Apparently dad have a quick plan to stop by the travel agent on our way out to discuss their next coming travel to Nepal in June, we all went inside the travel agent basically a hole in the wall mom and I sat on the waiting chair while dad check on the availability. After a little bit of wait they told him that she could not find the travel plan they wanted, so we left. We all walked out and heading next to the shoe vendor but quickly learns that he hasn’t setup shop yet. We were discussed and was ready to hale a taxi until my dad realized he had left his wallet at the hotel room. Once again someone have to go back to the hotel and retrieved his wallet, I offer to do it but dad quickly decided that he’ll do it this time. While mom and I stood in front of this new hotel dad took of walking to the hotel room to get his walled, he had put his walled in his pants when he went down to eat breakfast, and when he got changed to his shorts he didn’t take it out from his pants. That’s how it had been forgotten, I jokingly told mom that they’re getting old and have short term memory. She just laughed at me.

After dad returns from his hike we hale a taxi to see if we can go to Vimanmek Mason Museum. The taxi driver agreed and had been very talkative, he had offer to ride us around all day and he would take us sight seeing where eve we would like to go. It was for a small fees of $50 roughly 1,500bht. We went with it and it was deal. Mom and dad sit in the back seat while I sat in the front with the driver. Man, taxi driving in Bangkok is very skilled and must be very alert at all time. I mean they zig zag, weaving in and out of traffics, sped to the next light, and just plane chaos. I was told to us it may seem confusing and lack order, when in reality, it’s total chaos is in perfect order it was unbelievable.

Our plan in mind is to visit the floating market, later on that day on our way back to Bangkok the trip to the floating market was roughly 45 miles away. We did not realize it was that far away geez weez. Anyhow, once we made it to the floating market we decided that it wasn’t to our interest to ride on the boat; we decided to just walk the market on the shore and shop and sight seeing. I took lots of video and pictures. Dad bought me a Singha beer; it tasted really good in such a hot and humid day. Mom when on a shopping spree she bought fruits and more fruits. I ended up with a dragon white shirt and a post card to send back to work. After spending about an hour there we got back into the taxi and head out to the elephant village just about ten minutes from the floating market.

I think the elephant village just opened up not too long ago. That’s what the taxi driver told us, we got there and mom and dad did not want to go on the ride. I was the only brave one that will do it. I got onto the seat on top of the elephant and I must have been about 15 feet above ground when that elephant started to move the whole dang seating on top of the elephants also started to move. Man it took a lot of using to and adjusting to finally go with the movement of the elephant walk. It took ½ hour and needless to say it was pretty warm. I got a kick out of it. Mom and dad took some good picture of me on the elephants. Once the ride was over we got back on the taxi and headed out to the wax museum.

The rid back toward town was very stressful because it was around lunch time and he’s trying to get there on time so that we can visit Vimanmek Mansion in time. It was nerve reckon. Finally made it to The Wax Museum the landscaping was very serene and nice inside the museum. My dad didn’t really care about the museum, it really just showcase a lot of Buddha’s, kings and queen, country legends, and Thai history figurines. We did the tour relatively quickly. When we got o out of the museum we had lunch right outside, it’s outdoor outside dining. I had a very spicy bamboo stir fry and spicy ground pork stir fry. Man was it really spicy! I had sweats running down my faces and neck ((I hope you’re not eating right now because I know how discussing it is when you here me talk about my sweats) yuck! I have to stop eating drink a coke and a bottle of water and bought myself some chips to subside the burning sensation in my mouth.

Finally when we got done eating lunch we headed back to the taxi and got ready to go to Vimanmek Mansion Museum, but first mom have to go get the sticky rice with beans slow cook/grill over charcoal. I think it was one my must have food to eat list I put together. Yea it didn’t tastes as good as when I had it as a kid. I wasn’t as sweet, that was the problem and when you’re a kid you want things that are sweet.

OK, so the ride back to Bangkok was finally on our way, we managed to make it to Vimanmek a quarter till 3pm. Basically it will take us at leas 3pm to get going. First the taxi dropped us off by the ticket booth to buy tickets. We walked into another building and didn’t really know where we were, after a few minutes of walking around we ended up asking someone who work there where the entrance is, he pointed the way and said we must hurry because the won’t let anyone else end after 4pm. We have 10 minutes to walk there and get right in. We manage to get to entrance there were people there who screen you before you entered, my dad and I both have on shorts, we must get pants to cover our shorts. Mom have to put in 1000 baht for hold until we return the pants then she’ll get her money back..

My dad and I got the pants on and come the next stage, we can’t have carry-on to carry inside with us, we must get a locker to store our backpack and purse in it and oh there is no pictures and videotaping is allow. So we have to put everything in the locker and grab our keys. Now we are able to walk pass a metal detector. Oh by the way and all of this was done with other thousands of Chinese / Japan tourists coming in from the bus load. It was hectic, once we got passed the metal detector we now enter the courtyard and have to walk toward the Mansion, once there we can’t get in. We have to enter a small room and talk off our shoes to enter the room. Man was it ever stink in there, did I mentioned the entire foreign tourist that was there. Can you imagine all those shoes, sandals and flip flop people had to take off and leave in one room? Now add the hot humid sticky situation at hand and you have a stench in the room you have never smelt in your life. I mean it was so bad the guard had to continuously walk around waving the aerosol spray can and spray away the smells. I think it’s a bit discussing, if you ask me. A word from the wise, take off those shoes leave it on the shelf and get the hell out of there. Finally, we manage to join the guided tour; you have your choice of a Thai or English tour guide. Dad and I took the English tour guide while mom when ahead and took the Thai tour guide.
Because for some strange reason we ended up being the last tour guided to leave the building. It could be that the Thai tour guide was really quick and the English tour guide was a little bit more elaborate on their descriptions of the room. Mom said she waited and waited and we have not come out yet. When we saw here she was hot, she was griping at us told us to quickly drop those pants so she can run to the office and return them, so we did right then and there. She asked why we took so long getting out, she hurried toward the front of the office building before they shut it completely down and she would of lost her 1000 down payment if the pants weren’t return by 4:30pm. Oh did I mention they closed at 4:00pm? Anyway Dad and I have to get back to the infamous shoe room and put our shoes back on. By that time most of the shoes were all gone off the shelf. I was afraid someone would take off with my nice white Nike shoes, but luckily that didn’t happen.

After we were all done we settle down a little bit and return with all of our belonging camera, backpack and purses and return to the courtyard and took pictures on the outside. We have some good pictures of it. We did that for a little bit and then headed out to meet our taxi driver. We were really exhausted and tired so, we ask the driver to take us back to the hotel.
Once we return to the hotel we went strait up to the room, sat relaxed and got clean up. Because it was time to go have supper. Once everyone had cleaned up we head back down and walk about a couple of blocks and visit a restaurant. I had a very traditional dish that was really good; I think I took some pictures of it. We enjoyed the dinner with our belly full we headed back to the hotel. Of course when we walk on the side walk like that there are all sort of things to by. But you know my dad, he does not like to shop especially when he is tired with a full belly he wants to go back to the room and get clean up and go to bed. If you ask me that is his routine.
I took the time in the evening to go out and do some exercise and weight lift. Even though I was beat from the full fill day, I managed to do a full workout for at least an hour. At the time it didn’t feel very good, but by the next morning I was feeling good..

I will posts more on Day 3 later. Keep checking back...

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