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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Day 3 in Bangkok

Sunday brings another bright and early morning for me. I ended up falling a sleep typing up my journal, and since I got up at 5am this morning I will continue to finish up day 3 of my experiences in Thailand. For some reason dad got up and walked into my room, he had thought that it was 7am it’s really 6am, so we sat and watch the news for a little while. I decided to finish up typing up my journal and went to the bathroom and got ready. When it was close to 8am we went down stair and had breakfast.

After breakfast we came back up to the room and got ready for the tram trip to Chatuchak Market (or Sunday Market). We headed out and bought the tram ticket at the station for $120 baht it went up from $100 baht. Mom and dad already have a monthly passes since they travel on the tram quite often.

The ride went smooth; it took us to the end of the line and drop us off at the final destitution. Once we arrived around 9am we ended up looking at vendors selling just about anything wholesale. Dad had decided that it would be best if we leave around 11am and take the tram back to Lotus and have lunch, Lotus is just like a big Wal-Mart Supercenter but it’s got a strip mall twist to it on the inside there are smaller individual shops and food court.

Anyhow mom came across a shop that specialized in beets and necklaces. We didn’t think anything of it so we let her look around pick out the type of stones she wants and the beets she need to make a necklaces. Then finally after what seems like ½ an hour later she decided on the stones she needs and picked it out and give it to the shop owner to custom made the necklace. Because we were ahead of her looking at other booths, she finally come up to us and said that the shop owner said it’s going to take about ½ an hour to make them. So, she said we can shop around here and later stop by to pick up the necklace. And so we did just that, we walk and visited booth after booth and what seems like a few minutes it’s actually been ½ an hour and she said she would go and check it out and see if they have it ready. We waited and waited which seems like forever we finally track her down at the booth and she told me that they still working on it. So, again we wonder off and shop at other booth. About ½ hour later we got a little side track from each other and I ended up with mom and dad he had wonder careless on his own. We stop to a snack cart and I pick up some snack and drinks while mom went to look for him, I waited at the snack seating area. She went out for about 5 minutes later and came back saying that she can’t find him. I have her stay at the food stand while I will go give a try to find him, I did not find him but I found the public bathroom that charges you 3 baths to use the facilities. After a little while I came back to the food stand and meet up with mom and trying to determine where he could be. So we stood there and stood there some more, and finally mom said let me go check the booth and see if they are ready with the necklace. She left me at the food stand so I can look out for dad, and she took off to the jewelry booth. So, not only we are missing dad we are all now separated.

A little while has passed I finally saw dad walking out from some booth, I tracked him down and said mom is back at the jewelry / beets booth lets go get her. Dad said in a frustrated voice, “I was just there looking for her” she’s not there, so I said let’s just go see. On our way there dad keep saying the lady at the booth said the necklaces was going to take two hours to make. We walk up to the booth and low and behold mom was standing there mingling with the shop owner. Dads go there and said “let’s go!” but this time it’s like a quarter till noon. Mom and dad had a little discrete argument and mom insists that it’s almost done dad insists that it’s going to take two hours. Finally what I’ve concluded was that the shop owner probably told dad that from the time they start making them it’s going to take two hours and not the time he had asked them. Mom told us to go do whatever we want to go find and let’s meet again at noon. She when with us this time both mom and dad on a non speaking terms. After fifteen minutes of walking and look at things sure enough mom wanted to pick up her necklace. She had told me that she is going back to the booth, but told dad that she was going to go look for a dozen pair of short cut sock and that we should wait around here and she would return soon. Earlier in the hotel she has complaints of not having any sock to wear, she had borrowed a pair of my sock. We waited and waited and waited some more dads finally said “she told me she was going to get socks.” I told him “she told me she was stopping back at the booth”. Dad shook his head and said we should of gone with her. By this time of the day the sun was beating down and the humidity was high tension was mounting and I know he is really angry. We stood there and waited, which seems like an eternity and finally mom appear from nowhere and stood there in front of me. She said “Let’s go!”

We followed her trying to figure out a way to get back to the tram. We walked and walked and asked some people which ways to go and walked some more and toward the entrance/exit we couldn’t decide which ways to turn we asked some more people where to get to the tram station. We got more directions, and the whole time we were walking everyone was chit chatting any more, mom said his face looks like shit when he’s hungry and upset. By this time it has been at least 12:30pm, I know now that my dad really followed his schedule. Mom headed these schedules, she complaints that if it was just the two of us and we get really hungry we can stop at the food cart and snack on things until we get to the restaurant. From what I got out of this is this and you probably knowing it by heart. There is set schedule with my mom and my dad is very schedule oriented. Mom is very flexible and do things on the fly, when she encounter something like what my dad does there will and always are conflicts between the two.

Needless to say the rid to Lotus was interesting neither mom nor dad wants to speak to each other. I sat between Mom and Dad on the tram, mom would speak through me to get to dad, she said ask him where he wants to go, I turn to dad and said mom wants to double check to see where you wanted to go. Dad snap and said what did we plan/or said this morning. Mom was hot, he chin was up and she snap. She said why don’t you just said we go to Lotus, why do you have to bite my head off. She later talk to me in Thai you see he gets like this when he is hungry nothing can get in his way, he doesn’t talk to anyone, his main focus is to find food to eat, and that is all he care about. And you watch, she continues. After have something to eat for lunch. He’ll feel better and more relaxed and he’ll start talking to you real nicely. I thought to myself man that’s how Heather is ( I’m just joking, I know you’re laughing right now, probably said oh my goshes. ) see you didn’t missed anything. It’s funny Cartoon said to mom once, mom told me this. Mom said that Cartoon always said to her how come you two always fighting you haven’t met each other for two days yet and you’re at each other throats. Mom started to laugh and she knows it too. You know after 28 years of nagging at each other like this I can see why they know each other and know how to push each other’s buttons. But guess what at the end of the day it’s just seems as though nothing has happened. They get along just fine friendly talk floats between the two and they sits down manage to try to plan out the next days and just back as though nothing has happened. From the outside, it may seems strange, but for the two of them it’s a daily regiments and they expect nothing more from each other. Maybe this is the way they see their world from there perspective and a way to communicates between a communication barrier that is not diverse or comprehensive a couple should have but this is their ways of communications. And how does a couple make good of long jeopardy and be together this long, by communicating at whichever ways possible. For mom and day it’s the daily rub each other the wrong ways so that they can have some form of disagreement so they can communicate better and I think that is how they work. I know it’s hard to grasp but for being with them all these years, I finally realized and come to my own conclusion that this is how it must work. You have to be on the inside to see it from their point of view. If you not nothing much of them you will think they are enemy of each other, but the truth is it’s the opposite.

Finally after having some lunch, we continue to go walk the strip mall inside Lotus and bought more things. I bout some CDs and before we enter Lotus we have to leave all our carry on bags in the front. We have to check in our bags. After we entered Lotus we stopped at the electronics and found some Thai VCD for Emily to start watching and learning Thai’s alphabets. I bought three different learning CDs. We did our routine shopping got Emily a couple of outfits; I bought three pair of sandals. I think will give one away because after I brought it back to the hotel room and tried it on again it looks like girl’s sandal. We looks and walk each isles trying to compare what it is that they carry and how different it is to Wal-Mart. Needless to say it a replica of Super center and keep saying he doesn’t know how they get away with it. They have roll-back prices, and we sell for less slogan. The company is actually out of China. There is no Wal-Mart in Thailand, so Lotus is the Asian version of Wal-Mart. Dad said they even have one in Chantaburi.

After we were done at Lotus we took the tram back to the hotel, but that time my feet were all stiff and sour. I was ready to hit the sack. Remember I’m still a little jet lag but not as bad. After we were back to the hotel, we continue to make plans for the evening dinner where we want to go what to eat another routine to iron out. After a little bit of debates we decided to take the tram and head to Central Shopping Center and have dinner there. It sounds goods to me. After we got freshen up we head out to our next goal “dinner”. We made it to the Central Shopping Center and walked inside and find our restaurant. It must have been around 5pm or so when we got there, we chit chat order and order our food. I had a bottle of Singha beer and I order a green chicken curry dish. After drinking all the beer while we were waiting for food, dad looked at me and said I have allergy. I go why you think that, he said my eyes is red. I told him it’s probably from jet lag and I’m getting tired and a bottle of beer probably put me in that state. I guess I was tired and I did felt tired after I drank the beer. Anyhow food was good as always, but mom and dad have complaints. We were all finished with dinner when mom and dad continues to discuss how expensive this place were and how little food they server. “No more coming back here” mom said. And that was the rest of the conversation that evening.

We left the restaurant and headed down to the 1st floor looking at the market for snacks to bring back, dad found Singha Light beer in a can he brought two one for me and one for him, he said for tomorrow. I said “ok”, I wasn’t going to say no. After messing around there look at food, I think they were still hungry, we ended up going back to the 3rd floor to catch the tram back. Once again, mom complains to me how my dad’s stomach is full and all on his mine right now is go to back to the room and rest or sleep. By this time it’s around 7pm ish.

After we got off the tram we walk the sidewalk to return to the room, mom insists that dad go ahead and go to the hotel and we’re going to hunt for some bargain. So he did just that he left by himself and mom and I went to soi 5 to hunt for stuff rice pork sausage to bring back to the room. We did not find it, but got grill chicken on a stick and stick rice to bring back. On our way back I bought Emily and Mason a T-shirt and bought two hats for myself. A little way further we stop at the black market street vendor who sells illegal copy of DVDs. I bought one for dad it’s call Blood Diamond when he has been wanting for the last couple days. His main goal when we went to the Chatuchak market was to get the DVD movie but we couldn’t find a booth that specialized in them. I think them cracking them down on bootlegger. So, it was tough to find them.

When we got back to the room, mom spent most of the time talking on the phone. While I finishing up taking showers and initially I wanted to go and work out, but by the time I wanted to head out it was 8:30pm and the fitness closed at 9pm so I said screw it. I work out yesterday, and beside I have to pay 100 baht to use the gym.

That way I was able to call you and say Hi, check up on you and the kids. It sounded like you were really glad to hear my voice. I really missed you and being at this hotel room for now three days makes me think of you a lot. Well we sat down some more and made more plans for tomorrow. I think we will be going to Wat/temple that’s the plan for now, it could change tomorrow.

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