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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Day 10 Road trip back to Bangkok and then to Chantburi

Got up this morning and I feels pretty good. I did not have any ache or sinus or cough. I felt pretty rested and did not get up at 3:30am. Got freshen up and had breakfast. We walk to the main street at Thasao Municipality where they have morning pray. We all took some sort of offering in the form of food to offer to the lord Buddha. I took a few pictures of the ceremony, although there were as many people as they were any other time. We stay there for maybe ½ an hour and walk back to the house because it was toward the end of ceremony. We came home at around 10am and waited because the owner was making us some lunch. Around 10:30am we start eating and now we will say our farewell and thanks and will head back in the same taxi we rented for the pass three days to go back to Chantaburi.

After it was all said and done we did not leave until 12 noon. What a bunch of yapping and talking non stop, it was just a bunch of woman and you can’t get them to stop talking what soever. Anyway at least it was time to go. We did not leave more than ½ hour they have to stop at the next roadside shop to get something to snack on. Oh by the way the “girls” also like to buy stuff. Just to let you know this is one of many stop we will do on this trip back. After we got some snack, we must have gone for another ½ hour we stop at another location to get frozen meatball or some sort and more stuff. Then we drive an hour later the taxi driver needs to get gas, so we stop and get gas, and then we also use the restroom and buy more stuff. After we were done with gas we must of drove for another ½ hour we made another road side stop to get some swing sets that you lay on, the kind you hang on a tree on each end. I can’t remember the official name for it. Anyway we had stop at two different shops we bought more stuff. Then maybe an hour or so later we stop at a fish market and have dinner, basically seafood and lots of fishes. After dinner, mom and Aunt Poungtong bought more fishes no more like tons of fishes.

By the time we were said and done we have tons of plastic bags to carry around when we unload from the taxi to the bus. What a bunch of inconvenience. When we got to the bus station (the one you and me arrived at from nongka on our way to Bangkok) we have to hire a bus boy to bring us a cart to carry all of our belongings to the bus station. Pay him 30 baht tips. We finally got a 7pm ticket back to Nongka we probably won’t get in until 10:20pm at night. Oh well, maybe I’ll take a nap. I think tomorrow the plan will be to take grandma to the hospital in the late afternoon, and there was a saying that we will be going to the water falls. I’m not sure which one. I will take lots of pictures…

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