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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Day 11 The Khao Kitchakut National Park Waterfall

I work up feeling a lot better, didn’t feel like someone who have a cold. I go freshen up and took the electric bike and wrote it to the main street to get the deep fired bread to eat with coffee. I also just wanted to take the electric bike out for a ride. After that I just went out to see if there is any internet café open yet at this time of the day, I think it was just around 8am. There wasn’t so we decided to run to the next town to find the internet café shop. Basically the last one I went to last time, next to Uncle Dang’s shop.

The plan for today was to go to water falls. But mom and Aunt Poungtong have other plans, Aunt Poungtong was suppose to watch grandma while we all go to water falls. But Aunt Poungtong has to wait for Cartoon to arrive so they can go to Chantaburi to take her truck to a shop to put in a roll bar. Then when they return we can go and Aunt Poungtong was supposed to watch grandma. Instead of Cartoon and Aunt Poungtong gone to Chantaburi, mom and Dang hitch a ride along so that mom can get her fingers done and Dang wants to go shopping. While I stay behind wait for them to get back so we can go. The plans were to have A, Ard, Pai, Meant, Dang, Dew and me all go to the waterfalls. But it is currently a quarter till 2pm and they still in Chantburi. In the mean time we are all waiting at the house so that we can watch grandma. The hope was to have Aunt Poungtong watch after her while we go to the water falls. But the hope to go, seem a little slim, you can only do so little in a couple of hours at the waterfalls. I think it doesn’t matter what time they return from Chantaburi we will still try to go. Heck it may be in the evening.

After I got done using the internet, I ask to go see Uncle Dang’s house. A drove the truck there to see it, I go the tour of the house, it’s basically a two bedroom condo that was purchased instead of rented. I took some pictures and video of the place.

The plan to was to go to Bangkok tomorrow so that they can go gold shopping, but tomorrow is the 6th and I don’t need to be in Bangkok until the 7th since my plane doesn’t depart unit the 8th. So, I’m not sure what to do tomorrow. They will probably pressure me to go back to Bangkok, but in reality I don’t want to go shopping I just want to hang out one more day. We’ll see what happens.

Ok its 3pm Cartoon truck pulled up and they finally made it back from Chantaburi. After look at the things they’ve done to cartoon truck I could see why it took so long. Ok here is what they did, they put on the roll bar on the bed of the truck, and they put in new handle and new plate for the front and the back lights. I have to take some pictures and show it to you when I have the chance. Anyway they are supposed to be taking grandma to her doctor’s appointment at 5pm.

We all gathered up and packed up A’s truck (Technically its mom and dad’s truck) and headed to Hoisaton another small town where uncle Dang work at his shop. We’ve gone there because Dew and Mameaow want’s to go. After we picked them up we have a full house. Let’s see we have A and I sat in the front, we have Dang, Meant, Dew, Mameaow , Pai, Ard, and Mameaow son Garn. So there it is we have ten people in the truck. We headed to the waterfall and it didn’t take long we’ve arrived at Khao Kitchakut National Park.

We pay a small entry fee and walked up to the falls, this time of the year the water is really low therefore, it was as impressive as it was when the water was fuller or during the rainy season. There 13 different level at which you can visit. The first 3 is relatively easy to get to, the 4 to the 9 is medium and the 10 to the 13 is the very top. At most we went up to the 4th level and stayed there for the rest of our stayed. We did not want to hike all the way to the top for a couple of reason, first we did not have enough time since the park closed at 6pm and secondly the hike to the 4th level was pretty tiring as it is. As we found a spot to hang out at the 4th level we got in and got freshen up.

I took a bunch of photos and film the video as I was filming I gave A the video camera since I wanted to get underneath the falls, is a small falls probably 15 feet high. I climbed up toward the top of the slippery rock to sit under the falls, as I was getting up to get down, my foot slip under me and kicked both my feet up in the air as I was rolling backward on my back down the slippery rock. I felt thrills and pain at the same time as my back was scrapping along the rock and as I was sliding head first down to the water. I landed and was like yea! That was cool! And then the pain set in I was like dam that hurts, didn’t think I scrape it that much until I showed it to A, who was filming. I decided to go back up the slippery rock under the falls and try to wash off the blood. Once I got under the falls and the pressure of the water falls fell on my back it sort of sting. After I got up and get out of the water I watched the film that A was filming, but he got the fall but not when I fell into the water. Closed enough, at least you can see it.

Not long after everyone finally catches up at our level and wanted to play in the pool and the falls, so we stayed there as the children played in the water. We took lots of pictures and video as we watch over them. Then it was time to head back before the park close. A and I went ahead down to the bottom and the kids need to get dry off and packed up. As A and I was walking down mom called A’s cell phone and ask what we were doing? She is at the hospital with grandma and wanted to know if we wanted to go to Chantaburi and have dinner with her. I said that was a splendid idea everyone was getting hungry and thirsty. We found a partially closed shop at the visitor center where the owner was still cleaning up the shop. We wanted to have a beer so they sold it to us. By that time Ard has already followed us down to the visitor center I bought him and the rest of the kid’s ice-cream. Once everyone gathered up we once again loaded up the truck. This time we’re heading to Chantaburi to eat dinner.

Once again the trip to Chantaburi did not take that long. A short hop and we were there. I got to admit that this waterfall park was a lot shorter then the one they took us 7 years ago, I think the one they took us just happens to be a bit more popular then the one we just went to. Once we arrived at the hospital, grandma was already ready to leave from her check up. I walked into the hospital and found a free internet usage and no one was at the table, so I started up hotmail and started emailing you. I had to be quick since they are already loaded her into Cartoon’s truck. As soon as I was done I ran out of the hospital so that we can head out. Come to find out that Cartoon was taking grandma home with Aunt Poungtong. Only mom will go with all of us to the restaurant.

Ok now picture this we have A and mom in the front and we will try to fit 8 children and adults in the bed of this pickup truck. All I could say is that it was a very crowded ride to the restaurant. Again it didn’t take long to get to the restaurant. We all unload and walked into the restaurant and find us a table for 10. This restaurant is popular in that it has a sort of cooking bowl in the center of the table and you pick raw food and cook it up on your own and eat it. It is a buffet type and you can get whatever you want from sea food, meat, and vegetables. There was even a bigger grill by the buffet that you can get fish and larger squid to grill to your liking and take it back to your table. I kind of like the idea, but I’m not sure about all the raw food you put in front of you and try to cook it. But it turned out ok as I prepared and cook the things I want to eat. It was good and at least I try to recommend to those who haven’t done it yet. Needless to say I was really full. This place only opens at night, because it would be too hot during the day. It’s only 99 baht a person, roughly close to $3 buck a person. We all left with a full stomach.

Now the big questions are will we all fit into the bed of the truck, oh did I tell you that Dew weight 230 pounds? Ok I will count him as two people. We have nine people we have to try to squeeze into the back. Somehow we did it and it was really cramp, crowded and uncomfortable. We have to sit in there for the long haul back which takes close to ½ hour. By the time we made it back home my butt has no feelings and my limbs were sour. I was so glad to have made it home. I still had my swim trunk on that never really got dry up and my shirt was still damp. I felt so yucky and sticky that I have to jump into the shower. It was really later when we got home, and the electricity has been out according to Aunt Poungtong for about ½ hour or so. She was sitting in front of grandma fanning her and the house was lit up with candles. Inside was a whole lot warmer then outside, and this is around 9pm. We all sat around for probably 15 minutes and the light and electricity finally kicked in. Now everyone wants to get into the shower go to the bathroom. The water here comes from the well and the pump needs electricity to pump up the water from the well, so we can’t use the shower or toilet until we had electricity. There was lots of complaints initially and worry that it was going to be out the whole night. Mom would not have here air condition room and we couldn’t use the bathroom and so forth.

Since the electricity came we all had a sign of relief. I finally got into the shower and got cleaned up and had asked Dang to put some stuff on my back so it doesn’t get infected. It sting a little and I did not stay up too long before I headed to bed, I was tired.

I work up this morning and my congestion is down on my chest causing me to cough I could not get it out of my chest. Feels a little lousy but it’s my last day so I will make the best of it.

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