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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Day 12 Final Days on the Beach

I got up and took some of Aunt Poungtong congested medicine and not long after my head started spinning. I went back to sleep and never really fall a sleep for about 3 hours. During that time, there were commotion in the living room, apparently grandma had feel into a state of worse condition after taking some medicine after breakfast. They rushed her to the hospital in Chantaburi, Mom, A, Uncle Dang, Dang and grandma headed to the ICU. They will send the majority of the morning and afternoon there. In the meanwhile, I just slowly work up from my comma. I was given a briefing on what really was happening. I didn’t feel all that good, I had a cough and stuff nose by then.

Apparently, the plan was still on. We’re going to be heading to the beach. Cartoon showed up at the house around 1pm and we all going to hitch a ride with Cartoon’s truck. It’s me, Aunt Poungtong, Meant, Ard, Pai and Cartoon we all loaded into the truck. We packed up our swim gears and our belonging and headed to the hospital. We’re going to the hospital so that we can pick up A and Dang. It didn’t take long before we got to the hospital. We all went up to the ICU room and visited grandma for a bit; she was hooked up to oxygen, iv and other things. She was a sleep and wasn’t awake while we were there. When we were done we left and got outside the waiting room. We all agreed that we can’t really all sits here and do nothing. We need to go on and do our things.

The plan were mom, Uncle Dang, Aunt Poungtong and Cartoon will go in Cartoon’s truck to Cambodia to get their visa renew and A, Ard, Pai, Meant, Dang and I will head to the beach in the old pickup truck. So, outside we split up and go on our different way. I was doing pretty well on our way to the beach, until 10 minutes before we got there I started to felt pretty cruddy. First stop we went to the fish aquarium next to the beach. The entrance was free so we took a walk inside and saw many pretty fishes. We left the aquariums and walk to the beach. I had to admit the beach was bare, no people but maybe 5 people swimming. I was a very long sandy beach but one things clearly wants me to not visit that beach was how dirty it was all along the beach. I’m not sure how all the trash got on the beach but if it was all cleaned up it can be a very attractive beach for the locals and for tourist.

We left the beach area and decided to visit a boardwalk trails that was not far from the aquarium. A drove us there and waited in the truck while Dang, Ard, Pai and I went for a walk, we did not walk the trails very far because we did not have a whole lots of time, we walk in saw some crabs and plants. We decided to walk back since this trail is 1,600 meter long or 1 mile long trail. We wanted to go to the beach since it’s already 3pm. We loaded the truck and headed to the same beach that mom, dad, Dang, Cartoon and I were there the first time on our trip to Nongka. We picked a spot and sat our stuff down and right off the bat Dang started ordering food and drinks. By that time I was feeling crappy I told A that my whole body is aching and that I need to get some Tylenol. They did not have it right by the beach side shop so we have to go into the truck and drive to the main street and stop by a pharmacy shop. Finally we stop and grab the medicine then headed back to the beach.

I took the medicine with coke and tried to lie down on the bench. It was pretty uncomfortable, and earlier I had told the kids that I would go out into the water and play with them. While I was laying down for the medicine to kick in, the kids went to play with the pool of water that the surf has pushed in maybe during high tie and had caught some small fishes. After maybe 15 minutes I thought that I was feeling a little bit ok, so I told the kinds that I’m going in. I walked into the bath water; it’s really warm and started to swim with the kids. Then a little bit later I wasn’t getting very wet so I decided to go up the beach and rented a body board and a tube for the kids. I took the body board out to the water with me and decided to surf the water like we’ve done at Myrtle Beach. I did it many times and Pai decided to try it too, so I lend her the body board and I think she just want to hang on to it and float with it. Ard took the inner tube and hang on to it while we all go toward the deep end. I played with the kids every time the wave comes I pretend to try to flip them down and they would scream.

I’m not sure how long I was out in the water, maybe a ½ hour or so and I decided to come aboard and sit down, by that time A, Meant and Dang had order sea food and fired rice for dinner. We all sat on the bench and started munching down, because after playing in the water in the sun you tend to get tired and hungry quickly. We ate pretty much everything. After we were all done eating I decided to call it a day and walked to the shower room and took a shower and washed my hair. Once I was cleaned off and put on some dry clothes I sat at the bench and started feeling chill. In the mean while, the kids when back to play in the water, Dang wander around and took some pictures and A was just sipping on whisky. After a little while we call the waiter to pick up our bill, the bill for everything was 849 baht or around $24 dollars. Anyway after we paid and started to load up I started feeling miserable, my body started aching. I sat in the truck I have to roll up the windows because the wind would hurt my body. The ride home was painful, I was hurting and tiring and it seems like for ever getting home. Finally, once we were home I was so hurtful the first things I did was grab a Tylenol took it real quick and when to bed. I slept and as soon as I was lying down I can feel I was burning up. I couldn’t till if I was burning up from the heat or from my cold temperature. I was extremely hot my body must of felt like 104 temp. I thought I was going to die, A keep checking on me and gave me cool wet towels to keep my temperature down. I put it on my forehead. I think we got home around 6pm.

Needless to say I slept for a very long time, finally my temperature broke and I started sweating and feeling a ok. I got up and around and decided to take a quick shower. After my shower I went back to bed and I slept all the way until morning time. During this entire ordeal, we have a visitor sitting at our house, my dad side of the family which is my aunt Gat she had came to visit me and grandma. She has been there the while time, ever since I had came back from the beach. But I could not visit her because I was feeling very bad very ill and very weak. So, needless to say I had to revisit her in the morning.

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