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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Day 13 Leaving Thailand heading to U.S.A

It's that dreaded time, going back home. Time just fly when you're having fun. I return to Bangkok two days ahead of time. The day we return I will make a final shopping trip to get some bargain to take home. We spent most of the day shopping at MBK and other malls. After such a long day of shopping and walking we return back to the hotel to get freshen up for the evening out to dinner. We have dinner at The Sea Food Market Restaurant 'If it swim we have it', now that was a treat. It was the biggest sea food restaurant I had ever been to. By the end of the night my I was so stuffed there were just too much food. It's going to be a long night. I'm going to have to get up at 2am in the morning, so that we can take the taxi to the Suvarnabhumi airport and be at the airport by 4am.

The ride to the airport was so scarily. Remember that in the wee hour of the morning you can see there is not much traffic on the highway. So these taxi driver are like ghost rider they drove so fast from where we were staying at the hotel to the airport in less than 1/2 hour. In a normal trip during the day it takes the taxi at least 1 hour. The drive there was so fast, that no one in the car was even talking frankly I thin we were too scare to say anything. I just don't like riding in the taxi. They all drive so fast so they can make more money. I don't think they even think twice the live that are on their hands. As long as they can get you to your destination and earn a living the fastest way possible then it's fine with them. My arrival to from the Airport we saw two taxi accident that causes a huge traffic jam on the freeway. Anyway aunt poungtong and my mom was the only two that took me to the airport. My sister and my cousin stayed behind and slept.

Anyway I got to the airport and basically two hour ahead of time and the check-in station isn't even open yet. Not long after they open up the line and I did the same routine things that all traveler does wait in lines go through security and other stuff. I ended up waiting at the terminal for a long time. Now since it's time to board the plane it was somewhat a relieve to finally get back home. Like the old saying "There is no place like home".

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