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Friday, August 3, 2007

Day 5, my sister's arrival and a trip to the countryside

I was sound asleep when I heard the door opened and people coming in. It was around 2am when Dang and my folks arrived at the hotel room. The belle boy carries the entire luggage to the room. I work up and sort of help but not really, because I was half a sleep. When all was said and done Dang was unable to go to sleep so she was running her mouth a hundred miles an hour. Telling me about her trip on an on, unable to stop herself from repeating her story. Finally, it was time to go sleep and I sort of ignored her as I began to fall back a sleep. The next morning we were suppose to get down stair and have breakfast at like 7am. But I got up at 6am so I turned the lights on and told Dang that I couldn’t go back to sleep. So, therefore I work her up as well, I insists that we don’t need to get ready yet to go down and have breakfast, since we normally have breakfast at 8am. I continue to power up my laptop and show a slideshows of the things we’ve done over the past couple of days.

Around 6:30am I went in and got ready since Dang keep saying that we’re suppose to be ready by 7am. I got done and out of the bathroom and Dang when in to take her ½ hour showers. Dad opened up the door to double check that we were awake and saw me finishing up packing the last of everything. Dad came in and waited and chit chats. Then insists that we need to go down and it’s close to seven and Dang is still in the shower.

Once Dang got ready and we all are waiting on her to finish up fixing her hair, putting on her make-up and so forth. We were having tension between Dad and Dang, and even mom was ready to go. Once we headed down stairs all I heard form Dang was complaints and it’s my fault because I told her not to get ready to soon since we normally come down at 8am. Which I take full responsibility but the things that really gets me is she strait out lie about what time I have waken up and turned the lights on. She said that I got up at 4am and told her I could not go back a sleep. I corrected her once and said that I got up at 6am and she totally ignored that. She just stuck to her story about getting up at 4am, I think one of the reasons and I found this out to be true about mom and Dang is that it make the story more interesting when you “lie” and or exaggerate the story a tad bit. For the rest of the day she told the same story about what time she had woke up. I know it’s not true and that it doesn’t matter if I try to correct her or not she’ll just right out ignored me. She told the same story to the Taxi driver and to the rest of people in Nongka.

While having breakfast mom introduced us to the cafeteria manager. As we were done, we have discussed that I was going to try to visit the internet café and dad was going to go find the morning newspaper. We walked out of the restaurant and separated to go do our own errand, and by that time it’s only been around 10 ti’l 8am and the taxi driver is not even there until 9am. I ended up going back to the room to wait until it open up at 8am, when I returned to the room dad was already reading the paper. He wanted to know who had won the Oscar. Apparently mom and Dang was down stair lobby waiting for the taxi driver.

After the internet café was opened, I headed down the elevator and walked out to the lobby saw mom and Dang, I told them that I was going to the internet café, Dang left mom and told her that she wanted to email her friend too. So, it ended up that Dang and I were heading to the internet shop. She wouldn’t stop asking about how much it costs to use the internet and how it was done and all the stupid stuff that just make you said shut up and just watch. We got into the internet café and pick a computer to use. I started out by reading your email, Dang was sitting next to me so she read the email. Good thing you kept it at a pg13 rating. After finish reading your email, I got to be quick since time was a factor. I quickly composed an email and start writing your, you probably had read it. Saying something about I’m heading to the Nongka. After I quickly send out that message, I also have to help Dang composed an email to send to her friends and family. I type as she told me what she wanted the email to say. It was relatively quick and simple, mentioning that she had made it to Thailand and she’ll send out more pictures. As soon as we got up to go pay for the usage of the internet 15 baht which is $1=35 baht which is less than a dollar. And 15 baht is the minimum and after that it’s 1 baht per every minute.

As soon as we left the internet café and started back to the hotel went up to the room and saw that mom had already got a belle boy to pick up 6 luggage’s and endless number of had bags or carry on bags. It was all loaded and wheel to the lobby, we followed him. Once we were at the lobby we didn’t have to wait long until we saw our taxi a SUV type approaching the lobby drop off. We wheel out the cart and unload all our belongings into the “SUV” I thought for sure that it wasn’t going to fit, but sure enough all of it fits like a glove. (Side track: it’s 10 after 4am and it’s starting to pouring rain outside. You also have to remember I have the middle room of the house and lying on the bed using my laptop to type up this journal, so I’m not distracting anybody.) Anyway once we got loaded at take off it’s basically 9am. The whole trip was going to take 3 hours. I sat in the front seat with the driver, Dang, mom and dad sat in the back.

During the entire trip Dang talked about nothing and everything and repeating things over and over again. Luckily my sinus and sour throat was making me a tad bit tired and I took a few cat naps. We made two pits stop on the way; Aunt Proungtong called mom’s cell phone and asks if we can stop to pick her up sticky rice in bamboo at the first pit stop. At the first pit stop the taxi driver volunteer to talk over the walk way to the other side of the highway and get the stuff for her. As we parked I looked over to my left shoulder and saw a Starbuck coffee shop, I decided to get out and stretched my legs then mossy down to Starbuck. I have the traditional ice cold Thai tea, I chosen the biggest cup. I went back to the taxi and find that mom and Dang was gone leaving dad alone in the taxi. I opened up the door and go inside to sit and asked day where everyone was, he said they when shopping asking his head. No long after the driver return with the goods and a little bit later mom and Dang returned. Once we were all was back in the taxi we continue forward on our trip.

This time around we all have snacks that mom and Dang bought, it was all pass around but I didn’t feel like eating anything, my through was still sour and I’m tired. I keep drinking my Thai tea and a little while later I was given a medicine that would help my sour throat, so mom gave me a bottle of water to take with. So, needless to say, after I finished up drinking my Thai tea I continued to chug down bottle water in hope that more liquid in my system would help out whatever I’m coming down with. 2 and ½ hour into our trip I have to ask for a bathroom breaks, because I have to really go. We all made our 2ned pit stop at a huge big gas station with nice bathroom and nice outdoor restaurant; we got out take care of business and took some pictures of the surrounding.

With the anticipation of getting to the house I could not go back to sleep. Once we finally made it to somewhat familiar territory, I began to tell myself, man this place have changed a lot. Once we arrived at the house, we got out and I first met A, then we unload all the luggage’s and walk in the house to see Grandma laying on the bed, not looking very strong as we’ve seen her 7 years ago. We asked her if she remember me and she nodded and she can speak a little bit just here and there.

After we got situated and unpaged our suitcases and put things where they belong we started eating lunch, which was prepared in advance of our arrival by Aunt Poungtong and A’s wife Meant. I had a popular dish in Thailand called LadNa, which is basically, stir fry noodles with choice of meat and vegetables but with a really nice thick sauce. We all sat around and eat and chit chats. Aunt Poungtong had fed grandma. During our conversation at the table dad wanted to go walking at the Tuesday Market nearby, to Chantaburi and later on meet up with Mon before he leave on the 1st. (Side track: its 4:41am I’m going to stop here, not feeling to shabby, headache and sinus.). This is the plan anyway.

After lunch was finished I was feeling very full and very stuffy and somewhat tired. Mom, dad and Dang were ready to start walking to the local market so that they can get some vegetables and pork for making dinner dishes this evening. They wanted me to go with them; I told them I don’t really want to go, since I’m not feeling very well. They keep on insisting that I go, I plea with them that I don’t want to go. Mom looks at me with that “look” and I was sure to go no matter what. I finally gave in and go up and go with them. We walked throughout the market stop at places that mom knows the owner of the shop and chit chats. We must have done that the whole time we were there, time after time we walk and stop and meet the owner. I finally realized the reason she wanted Dang and I to go walking is to show off both of us to the people she knew. If you look at the perspective of a parent you want to be proud of what you’ve done for your children and I think that was for the reason. How uncomfortable for me and as for Dang she took it all in.

After about an hour of this, I was tired more tired then I was after lunch. We came back to the house and I was like exhausted sweaty and hot. I decided against on going to Chantaburi. I stayed behind while mom, dad, Dang and Cartoon when on. Cartoon has arrived for lunch and had driven her truck to the house. She would be driving them in the truck. I stayed home and just took it easy, it was time for the kids to come home from school and I finally get to see Ard and Bay. Ard is 7 years old next month and Bay is 11 years old. Earlier I had gone through my suitcase and dig out toys for the kids and give it to A. When the kids got back A told them there are some toys in the room, they both ran in and I manage to get some pictures of them. Ard seems to like to play with the figurines. Not long after they have all gone to Chantaburi, Aunt Poungtong and Meant start preparing dinner.

When they arrived back from Chantaburi, dad had brought me some medicine to take. We sat around and talked; I took the medicine and am just not myself. Dinner was still going. Not long after before dinner we all hopped into the truck. Dad, mom, Dang, Cartoon and I were all heading to see Mon. Mon just basically lived across the small town. It would be too far to walk, but it did not take that long to drive. A short time later we arrived at Mon’s house.

We reached the front door of his home and we can see that his wife was cooking back in the house and Mon was lying in the mosquito net covered bed on the floor. Mom asked if anyone was home, his wife approached us and greet us (wai). Mon heard something and slowly got up and got out from his mosquito net covered bed. He look disoriented and walk toward, he greet us with a (wai) and give us a hug. His eyes filled up with tears, and Cartoon jokingly said doesn’t start shredding those tears. It was somewhat an emotional meeting. I talk closed to him and ask what was it like, he said he have short term memory lost. I think that has something to do with his falls earlier in his life before he became alcoholic. But nothing else in his system works if they do it’s really limited. His doctor gave him medications to take on a daily basis. He said that he must get up and try to go us the bathroom almost every hour. His doctors gave him so many shots through the arm that his nerve ending or tenants messes with his arm causing his hands fingers to shakes. He also said that he could not walk far like 20 feet he would start to feel dizzy and does not have the strength. He said he can no longer drive his truck or motorcycles, he was pretty much rest around the house most of the days. Dad, eyes swell up as though he wants to cry. I felt deep sorrow for him but did not want to show any emotions. His son also name Mon is 2 and ½ years old, he is very energetic and cute. I brought him the dinosaur’s toys that came two in the package. He carried that away played with it and from the looks of it, it’s his favorites. I really felt for his son and wife, I picture that in my life but didn’t want to go further.

It was time to leave and informed Mon that dad wants to come and visit him before he leaves on the 1st.
We told him that we’ll probably come and visit again, since we will be here longer. I think it was a very emotional good bye from all of us. We scoot into the truck and leave back to the house. Dads just keep saying it’s just too bad and that he had so much potential. I agreed with him, I think he has so much to live for if not for his lively hood but for his son and wife. It is truly a sad ending to a person with full of potential and much to live for.

We all returned back to the house and we all start eating dinner. Once we are all done, I feel terrible and tired. I just wanted to go to bed. I’m not sure what all was said and done between the time I got done with dinner and the time I got ready to bed. I went to bed like at 8pm. I Left everyone out there to do their things. I took some antihistamines and went strait to bed; my body aches and just really tired. I was out like a light.

At 1:30AM I work up with strong sinuses and terrible body ache. I had to pee, and when I got up to do that I looked for Tylenols. I grab two of them took it and went to bed. 3:30 AM I work up and was all clammy and sweaty hot. I finally break a fever and could feel that I no longer have any ache or pain on my body. I was jumping up for joy in my mind saying “yea” I felt better. I no longer could go back to sleep so I stayed up and started the journal. It only lasted an hour when I felt tired again. It started to rain and probably made me drowsy. I tried to sleep but I could not stop about the visit we had today at Mon and all the things he’ll missed. I slept for another couple of hours and got up at 6am or so. I started to do more typing. Later I was called to breakfast, since dad decided to make breakfast we had scramble eggs. He only made it for mom, Dang, him and me. It didn’t taste too bad. I jump back into the room and did more typing I did it until Cartoon show up exactly at 8am. We will be going to the beach. More to come…

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