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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Day 6 Trip to the beach

Eight o’clock has arrived we wait few more minutes and started packing up the cooler to take with us. Mom, dad, Cartoon, Dang and me all loaded up the truck and was on our way. Aunt Poungtong, Meant and grandma was home. A he went off to work, and the two kids went to school.

(Side track: it’s currently 3:30am, could not sleep. I have a bad sinus/head ache, ache all over, and very bad sour throat. I took some Tylenols and sucking on lozenges.) It was a really short drive to the beach, I’d say around 15 minutes. Once we got there Cartoon suggested that we stop at the bridge and take some pictures of the surrounding view. We got out of the truck and stayed for a few minutes, dragging out our camera and camcorder. We then hopped back into the truck and head off to the beach. We must have arrived at the beach around 9am. There were not may people there, we got a nice shelter with hammock and a picnic table. We left all of our belonging there and proceed to go swimming in the nice cool water. Surprisingly mom and dad were the first two to go into the water and they stayed out there for a very long time. I joined them and probably stay and swam for about 15 minutes. I came up and Dang who was on the beach bench talking to Cartoon. I told her it’s her turn and she needs to go in and swim with mom and dad.

That is all we basically did, we however; took lots of pictures and videos. After around 11:30 mom and dad came up to shore and get ready to dry off and order some food. But first we all walk to the shower and rinse out all the salty water with freshwater. We came back to the shelter and sort of air dry while we order some foods. Speaking of food, I mean we ordered very much food. My favorites is pretty much everything. I know I shouldn’t have done this but I drank a big bottle of Singha beer. It really got me tired and overly stuffed especially after I ate all the food. When it was all said and done we clean up the dishes that were full of food. It didn’t help that my sinus was back and the beer made me tired. I sneak to the hammock and stretched out and try to get some zzz.. (side track: I’m going to try to go back to sleep it’s 4am). It was pretty relaxing, then after a little while around noonish we start packing and all of us loaded into the truck. We were all heading back to the house. Mom and I was the only two that felt a sleep in the truck. The plan was to go to Chantaburi and visit the gold and gems shops. I was not about to go with them.

After we all got home we unloaded all the junk and each one of us took turns taking a shower. After I took my shower I was so tired that I decided to go into my bedroom and lay down. I lay down and before you know it, it was 5pm. I work up and heard the sound of Mon talking. I walked out and sure enough Mon was visiting us with his wife and kid. She have wrote the motorcycle and Mon sat from behind with the baby. He has got some energy to come and visit just for a brief period. He really wanted to get a picture of the three of us, Mon, A and I. But A was still at work; his wife had called and said that he should be back shortly, since it’s the end of the month he is to be getting paid. Mon and I had a very good long candid conversation. Dang, Cartoon, nor Aunt Poungtong was here they were all in Chantaburi looking at jewelry and gems. So poor Mon, he has not saw his mom either she never told him that she was in town. She was afraid that he would ask for money, was here excuse.

Mon has brought each one of us the fresh lily that was string into a loop you use to hang inside your car so that it would smell good. He has brought it for Mom, Dad, Me, Dang, and my Aunt. He said for his mom makes sure she gets the red one. Well hour has passed and no one show up. Five o’clock turn into 6 o’clock, nothing happen. Six O’clock turn into 7 o’clock and still no one. We determined that A’s has gone drinking and Aunt Poungtong, Dang, and Cartoon are just still busy shopping. Eventually he has to tell his wife that he needs to get home and eat and take medication. They all said farewell and headed back home. At some point in the mist Mamel (Uncle Dang’s daughter) and Dew came to visit. They stayed for a little while as well. They also eventually had to go back home. We all fell badly for Mon my dad said he waited around for 2 hours with his condition and no one show up, dad just shook his head.

After Mon had left A first arrived and as his face shown he has had some whisky. Not long after Cartoon pull up with her truck they all came in. We said that Mon has come to visit and was waiting for a couple of hours before he has to leave. He brought everyone the fresh necklace flower, what really tick me was the comments that came out of my aunt’s mouth. She said “How does he know I’m in town? Someone must have told him.” Anyway that’s just unacceptable in my view. Makes me twitch…

We all continue to eat dinner and the nightly routine regiment. I had a terrible night, strong head ache, bad sour throats. My body ache and since I nap for a great long time (like 4 hours) I didn’t feel too sleep at 8pm I stayed up till 10:30pm and head to bed.

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