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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Day 7 Bike adventure

I was sure glad to get up this morning. I had a terrible night ache, sore throat and stuffy. Dad made us breakfast again, its last ½ day in Thailand. He said that they were heading to Chantaburi to get grandma new wheel chairs. I stayed behind because I was not feeling very good. Mom and dad left to town around 8am and Dang and I stay behind because we want to go to the next town and use the internet. So, around 9am Mean gave me a motorcycle ride to the market and saw Uncle Dang. Mean (Uncle A's wife) rode back to pick up Dang while I stayed to visit Uncle Dang.

After a little while Dang arrived and we where escorted by Uncle Dang’s daughter MaMeaow to the internet café shop. We got there and it looks like it is used primary for internet gaming, by young kids. I was able to send out a few emails for Dang, and then I got my email sent out as well. I read the letters that you sent. After I was done with emailing Uncle Dang decided to give me a ride back home. We got back to the house and mom and dad has already arrived with the new wheel chair. We got her on the wheel chair was pushing her around to look at the fishes in the front of the house and sits her in the front porch she likes to watch the people go back and forth on the street. Uncle Dang said it looks really cloudy so he took off to go give the motorcycle back to the Mean so she can drive Dang back to the house. After they arrived and not too long after that it started to rain.

We all have lunch and Cartoon arrived with her truck. She is to pick up my dad and go to the airport around 12:30pm. We loaded up dad’s belonging and off they go. Five people packed an extended cab truck, it was mom, dad, Dang, Cartoon and Aunt Poungtong. It will take three hours there and three hours back, six hours all together.

I stick around the house for the rest of the day. I did not stay put, earlier I had asked mom what happened to her battery operated bicycles? She shown it to me and before she left with dad she left me the key. As soon as they all took dad to the airport. I quickly decided that I want to give the bike for a test drive. I told Mean that I’m going to take the bike and ride around town. Off I went down the road, the bike was very easy to operate. I peddle a little and the power of inertia kicks in and pushes me forward. There is also the handle that you can use as an accelerator and of course the two hand breaks for the back and the front.

I rode the bike and stopped at the wat temple I use to visit as a kids, my first impression was wow this is totally changed. I tried to look for a familiar landmark and it’s was there but it just very difficult to picture it as when I was a kids. I drove around for a little while and then took some pictures. After I left the wat I continue to ride toward the small village where uncle Dang works. If I remember correctly, you have been there before, do you remember when you sat in the back of the motorcycle and Thai people just stare at you and they almost fell down from their bike? Well that was the same location. I parked the bike and walking into the open market and find the booth where my uncle was. I found him and he ask if I cam with anyone. I told them no, and that I was just riding the bike to look around. He said to come in and sits in the booth for him while to go get something to eat. I say sure no problem, he left and said that if he have a customer just holler at him he will be right behind me at the noodle stands. I sat there and sat there no customers; I decided to take out my cameras and snap some pictures and video tape stuff. After a great while when he was finished with lunch he came back and took over the shop. His daughter was there as well, I told them that I wanted to ride my bike around and look at different things. So, I left and I rode around, I stop at one pharmacy and grab some Sudafed and another shop got some picnic sheet and all of a suddenly I didn’t feel to spiffy. Rode the bike back to Uncle Dang’s shop grad a bottle of water and took my Sudafed. I told them I need to head back because I wasn’t feeling too good.

I rode back to Nongka and before I get to the house I stopped at the old school I use to attend. I took lots of pictures from the fist grade building to the second grade building and to the third grade building and the lunch room and library. It brings back quite a bit of memories. As I was taking these pictures the school was in session. I had a few stare, since I was riding a pink woman’s bike. After I was done with the pictures, I came strait back to the house. I was getting a little weak. It must have been the Sudafed but anyhow I just drop everything and went strait to the room where I just lay in bed and took a nap. I would say it was around 2pm and I sleep until 5pm.

I work up and the kids were home from school, MaMeow and Dew and her son was visiting too, but MaMeow when to the market and Mean also went to the market. I too was getting ready to ride my bike to a open market a little way from Nongka. I told Bay where I was going and to tell them where I am when they returns. I took off again with the bike and rode it to the market north of Nongka. It didn’t take too long; you wouldn’t want to walk because it was a little way to get there. I got to the market and it was a very nice size setting area. I rode my bike throughout the market and stopping at things I want to see and at one stop I bought some stickers for the kids, I regret one thing that I forgot to do was take some pictures. After spending a fair amount of times there I decided it’s time to head back.

One the way out I saw Mon’s wife here name is Nong she and here sister was getting ready to ride back home. I ask what she was doing she said just getting some grocery to take back home. She said she has been there for a little while. I told her I was also getting ready to leave. We departed and I started to rid back home. I was just using the hand accelerator and did not peddle the whole time back. I was riding in a leisurely pace (the bike at full speed did not go very fast probably 10-15 mile an hours) and then Nong and here sister zoomed passed by and she said something funny. Probably made fun of my womanly bike!!! Oh will it was fun and I like that bike. I made it back to the house and Mean was home she was worry I may of got lost because it a little tricky to find the market. After I got home sure enough I took some sinus medicine and mad it kicked my assed. Remember by this time it would have been around 5:30pm I’ve took Tylenol Severe Allergy and it got me really drowsy and I have to retrieved back to the bedroom. I ended up sleeping for another 3 hours and got up at around 8:30pm. A was home and I was just barely getting up. He said after he is done with his shower I should probably jump in and get freshen up. I totally agree.

After A was done with his shower, it was my turn. I jumped in and got clean up and feel a bit better. After the shower I put on some of the cool powder to keep me dry and cool. Especially for these kinds of weather the cool powder works its wonder. After I was all clean up, A and I sat around and just talk about life. He said that this will be the last time I see Grandma for a fact if I don’t return again when the kids are bigger. We talk about poor people all over Thai as we were watching the news and many different things.

It must have been a quarter till 9 when Cartoon arrived with all the passengers. It has been a long day for them. Once they settle down we all sat down to eat dinner. Just so you know my appetite is not there. I still did not loose my taste bud, so I was able to gobble up some Thai food, but at a little amount. I didn’t finished a small plate of rice that I got, just didn’t feel like eating. During dinner there has been discussion about tomorrow plans. Dang, Mom, Aunt Poungtong and I are all going to the childhood place of Mom and Aunt Poungtong and apparently on my dad side of the family are also there. The trip will be a very long one. We’re all taking the bust 4 hours to one location and we will hale a taxi to another location that will take at least another 4 hours. So the whole trip will be an all day type. I hope with my cold and condition I could handle it. Hopefully I can sleep the whole time.

Since Dad has left, the air condition room has been taken over by Mom, Aunt and Dang. My aunt insists that I sleep in the room, I totally did not want to. I sleep in the room for 3 nights now seems like and I’m used to it and beside I can get up whenever I want to type in the journal without disturbing others. After I retrieved to my room I try to write a little bit but already drowsy and need to go to sleep. I shut the lid to my pc and head to bed. I got up again the next morning at 4am to finish up the journal before the big trip it is now 6:35am. I will end it here and start the journal for the next day.

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