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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Day 8 - 8 hours road trip

I work up at 4am this morning finished up my journal until 6:35am finally got myself ready and finished up packing up my clothes. We are heading to Thasao, mom and Aunt’s Poungtong childhood/birth place and we are suppose to visit my Dad’s Sister (my Aunt Gat). The bus is supposed to pick us up at 9:30am in the morning at the main street. Everyone in the house was basically walking around finishing up packing and eating breakfast. We got grandma into her wheel chair she could look around and get fresh air. I took the electric bicycle out for the last time to ride around. Its fun to do, Dang did not know it was electric she took it for a spin and decided that she too like it. We all gather at the front of the house and took some pictures. I will send it to you. After it was time to go, I jump into the truck and ride it to the main street with A. The truck was full of luggages and our belongings. I can’t remember the name of this place we’re going, but it’s going to be a good long haul. We’re taking the bus to Bangkok which I’ll take at least 4 hours and after we arrived in Bangkok we will have to rent the taxi to go for another 4 hours or so, hence 8 hours trip. It’ wouldn’t be so bad if we were already in Bangkok, but we had came from the Nongka village and that is why.

Anyhow were didn’t have to wait long from the main street the bus shown up and we quickly loaded the bus with our belonging. I was already feeling pretty weak, so I will be taking a nap in the bus. The bus was not full so there was plenty room to find a seat. I sat by myself and Aunt sat by herself. Mom and Dang sat together, watching this horror Thai movie. I sat and lean back my seat and listen to my iPod close my eyes and took a nap.

The trip seems short because I have fall a sleep; by the time I was awakening we were in Bangkok. Once we arrived to the bus station in Bangkok we unload our belongings and wait on the curb side for the taxi Aunt had called for ahead of time. We didn’t wait long the taxi arrived. We load all the belongings and got into the taxi. I sat in the front and Mom, Dang and Aunt sat in the back seat.

I must say the taxi driver is a talker; I sat in the car for the entire trip and didn’t say more then ten words. I didn’t feel good; I slept and slept in the car. We made two pit stop once to eat “suppose to be lunch at 4pm” and then again to get gas. Needless to say by the time we got to our destination it was 8pm. We meet and greet Mom and Aunt Poungtong childhood friend. I didn’t feel good to stay and talk long so I decided to take a shower and get into bed. I took some medicine and head to bed. Surprisingly she has an air condition room to stayed in and hot shower to take a bath in. My system is wacky; I was ache all over and just basically needed to sleep. I went to sleep and did not wake up until 6:30am.

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