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Friday, August 10, 2007

Day 9 The Day of the Festival

I work up this morning feeling pretty good, except for a minor ache and paint. I took two Tylenols and feel a bit better. Had some breakfast and hang around until everyone is finished getting dressed. There is some sort of celebration gong on that I’m not even clear of. It’s a celebration that only happened once a year at this particular town. I think its something to do with the local temple worshipping and blessing business so that they can succeed in the coming year. This is a kind of Chinese festival giving offering and blessing to the local businesses. Local businesses allow the parade to run into the businesses so that your business can be blessed with success.

The parade start at 8am and goes to all the local business and its over at 10:30am and now it’s like a big party later on for lunch and dinner. I took a bunch of video and pictures. I will share it with you it’s hard to explain how brilliant and colorful the customs were. I must say the trip here was worthwhile. Even the shop owner said if we didn’t come here in the right time of the year this would not have happened. I guess it’s worth a trip. She also said that it’s only here that this festival happened, for some reason I find that hard to believed, I would imagine that other small town like this one would do some sort of festival.

Now it’s about 10:30am I’m taking a break in the air condition room since its pretty hot outside. When it’s all said and done, we all eat on the floor. After eating lunch was done take a few minutes to get our food settle down. Mom said she was going to call my Dad’s sister but there was some problem with the phone network connection. So we decided to have our taxi driver drive us up there. Mom, Dang, Taxi Driver and I were all heading to see her.

It took just a few minutes to get there, after asking directions for a couple of times we finally find the location where she lived. But the gate to the drive way was closed and we determined that she has left to Bangkok and that I have missed it. Oh well, maybe I will meet her in Bangkok. Basically the trip here was to meet her but now it turns into a trip for mom and aunt childhood meeting. We will be staying here for two nights and three days. We will stay tonight and leave tomorrow. We will see if that schedule is set in stone.

Mom and Aunt Pountong went off to visit childhood friends at a different location. Dang and I stayed behind with the shop owner, we stayed in the air condition room and watch TV and took a nap. I took a quick nap, because I kept coughing because I think it’s draining down my throat. I got plenty of rest I think. Around 4:30pm Mom and Aunt Poungtong came back and they had brought stuff. I was already awaken but sat in the air condition room and watch TV. When they arrived, I try to visit just on the outside man it’s really hot. Unbearable if you ask me, I guess I’m used to the air condition room and now when I hit the heat it’s just killing me. And they want to go walk the market. I can go but I think I may loose a lot of energy with the heat. I took some antihistamine for my cough it seems to be helpful. I don’t want to go out into the heat; can I say in here and just type my journal?

Well it was just the hottest part of the day, and I think it took a toll on some of us. Mom sneaks inside the air condition room and took a nap till 6pm. I just stayed in air condition room thinking I could just watch TV but I too fell back a sleep. After we got up mom wants to go to the open market. Dang, mom and I go and instead of going strait to the open market she has to make four stops nothing by yapping and showing off her daughter and son. Anyway by the time we reached the market they were already packed up and closed for the day. I was so hot humid and sticky that I didn’t care, I just want to go back to the air condition room. After we got back not too long we started to eat dinner. For one thing I don’t really have an appetite. I ate one small plate of rice and some basil and beef.

After dinner we all decided that we should get out and see what other festival is going on at night, I took the camera and try to see what’s new. We got to the front street or the main street and there were music and lights with people everywhere. As I got closer the spot light that were used to shine on the performer the bugs by the millions were just incomprehensive. Now try to picture this you all sweating wet (this is at night) and you’re sticky now add all the night bugs in the mix what do you get. You get a very uncomfortable situation. First of all it’s already uncomfortable because you’re sweating and sticky wet, now add bugs to your hair on you wet skins and some even bites. You get wet sticky bugs creeping and crawling all over you and your head. If you could picture the street lights at our house full of bugs now double or triple that amount at eyes level not 25 feet like the street light.

I split after staying maybe for about 15 minutes. I walked home by myself, and once I check in I took a shower and get ready for bed. When I was showering I washed my hair and I’m telling you those bugs’ falls to the floor when I wash it out. Discussing!! I wash myself a couple of time making sure all the bugs are all gone. Now that I’m nice and clean I stayed inside the air condition room, I do not want to go out there and get all sweaty again. I think I will get ready to go to bed and its’ only 8:45pm. I’m ready to travel back tomorrow…

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