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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A day to relax (at work)

Ok, I'm finally catched up with my 10 hours of labor. I'm talking about Mason's 7th birthday party. This year we Mason decided he wants to have a birthday party at the house and this year theme was a beach theme. It started at 7am in the morning on the 20th, we all got up and had breakfast. Eight o'clock came around and Heather has to walk Mason to the school, while I stay with Emily and finished up breakfast and clean up. By the time Heather returned from school I was already outside airing up the pool. The temperature was acceptable, but the heat is creapting up slowly. Eventually the pool was aired up and I started filling up the pool. By that time Heather has returned. She was chit-chatting with the Jennifer our neighbor whom she walked to the school with. She also was walking her daughter to school. I went into the garage and basically pull most of our summer toys and pool out. Eversince then, I haven't stop to take a break. Here are some of the things I've aired up. Three pools, two slip and slides one palm tree and one buzz light year blow up basketball hoop. There were also two beach balls that I aired up. There are others decorating that was done to the backyard. There were 25' skirts that we put all along the kid's swing set. On the private fence we got a 50' scenery beach scene that I staple it on the fence. Under the deck I put up the Happy Birthday sign, hang some decoration under the decks and some on the two trees in the back yard. I later hooked up the music and stereo to be play during the party. After all the decorating was done, I took out the popped up tent and decorate the top of it with banner we got from party store, basically all of the decorating was from party store.

All of these things I've mention above took so much time, I even went and borrow some of the things from the neighbor. I borrowed the 75' water hoes, an eclipse patio table and 8 chairs, and kids picnic bench. It was so much tougher because the heat of the day plus the humidity was not helping either. When it was closed to 3:30pm Heather has to go and pick up Mason, and I had to go and pick up pizza from Sam's. By the time I got back it was closed to 4:30pm, the party starts at 5pm. We have just under half an hour to finish things up. Most of the work done that I've mentioned above was just on the outside and in the backyard. But I fail to metioned that my wife was so busy inside working on the cake and docorating it. She also has to do kiddie bags.

Party time started and slowly kids and people start showing up. And before you know it the back yard will fille dup with 15 kids and about 10 adults. It was a full house in a sense. Thankfully some adults was able to help out with some of the activities, we have three activities to be play during the party. One of the activitiy was pineapple bowling, the other was limbo and last one was balloon fight.
Heather and I did dressed up for the occasion, I got on a mucho apron, and Heather go on a straw skirt. Made the party a little bit more festive. Anyhow the kids had an awesome time, one of the girl at the party said that this was the best party ever. When you hear something like that it makes the fruit of your work more worthwile.

The order of event went a little something like this, at between 5pm-5:30pm we let the kids play in the pool and run around. Then at 5:30-6pm we took the pizza out and eat dinner after dinner whomever finished first stated out playing in the pool. Howeve; after dinner we ended up bringing out the cake light the candel and cutting the cake. Eveyone had a piece of cake once that was done then the opeing the present came last. By that it was 6:30pm giving just another 1/2 an hour for the kids to play in the pool. Lots of the kids like the slip and slide as well. But time flys when you're busy. When seven o'clock came around it was just like clock work everyone started to leave and parent came to pick up their kids. Once everyone left, our neighbor Phil was the only one that stick around to help clean up the party. We actually packed everything up and put away withing an hour. We were done by 8pm. All the outdoor decorationg was put up and stored away. Basically in the family room was like a storage room. But hey at least everything was out from the back yard. It looks like there was nothing there, after it was all picked up in the back yard. Except for the remenece of the grass tore up from the slip and slide and the place where the pool was sitting on.

After I got back into the house got to finally settle down for a glass of drink and rest a bit. Then it was time to get into the shower and clean up. I then realized that I got a sun burnt. Man didn't see that coming. I guess I spent lot more time out in the sun then I thought. Heather had came in earlier to clean up the kids and get them ready for bed. I got out the shower and was really tired my feet hurts for stand 10 hours and my back hurts from lifting things. Once the kids were in bed I got Heather to rub my feet and my back. Wow that felt so good, after 10 hour day. I didn't sleep very good because my whole body ache.

I'm so glad to be back to work, so that I can sit and rest all day long. And I did. Normally I work out at work, but this time I opt out to work out because yesterday I've done enough, if I were to work out I would of been so lazy. I can't do more, I just want to sit and chill. I thing this is all for now. More to come.

> I Need More Time!

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