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Friday, August 17, 2007

June is Chantaburi Fruit Festival month

Chantaburi Fruit Festival

The month of June sees a special event at Chantaburi, on the eastern seaboard by the Gulf of Thailand. It's the Chantaburi Fruit Festival which spans a period of more than a month, from late May to early July. This year's event is especially hailed "The World Durian Festival, 1997". Chantaburi has long been known for its abundance of high quality tropical fruits. Particularly rambutans (ngo) and durians (thu-rian) from Chantaburi are considered the best in the world. Whether you like durians or not, if you happen to be in Thailand during this period, a visit to Chantaburi will be worthwhile.

Commonly called Muang Chan, Chanthaburi is another Eastern province with has played an inportant role in the history of the nation both before and during the Rattanakosin Period. It is wealyhly and rich in natural resources, particularly gems in addition to the plentiful field of tropical fruits including rambutan, durian and mangoteen.Products from the seas are also extensive.It is also blessed with natural beauties and attractions equal to any sister privinces.

Chanthaburi is about 291 kilometers from Bangkok on Highway 3,or 245 kilometers on Highway 36,taking a right turn at Km. 323.

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