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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mason's Family Birthday Party

His birthday is not until tomorrow, but we've plan for it on Sunday so that each family member could be here. we started out the day way too early we each got up at a little before 7am. Which made the day seems long and made us pretty tired. Family started showing up at around a quarter after 11am. Once they got here we already have most of the side done. I ran to KFC and got two buck of fried chicken. We ate lunch and hang out a bit before Mason open his present. Instead of cutting the cake we decided to open the present first. We all gathered in the living room and watch as Mason open up his present, of course Emily help.

After the present was opened, we once again gathered up in the kitchen for the cake and ice cream. After all the cake and icream we all gathered in the living room and talk about his present and helped opened up his presents. Once it's out of the box we all had to help put it together. It takes a good hour and a half, Tyler did most of the work especially on the lego and the Neo/transformer thing Katie got him. During all this time, Bee decided to go to the family room and watched a Thailand Looktung movie. She watch the whole things, and by that time the movie was over, it was time to eat dinner again. You guest it we have left over KFC and for the last time it didn't tasts as good as this afternoon for some reason. It's probably the thoughs of more food then we can handle.

As soon as the last person left the house, we started picking up the messes and straighten out the house, first we picked up and throw things away. Then we put things like table and chairs where they belong. After all was said and done the house is once again look a little decent. No we have to tackle the kid's room. Mason was the toughest, we have to figure out what he can keep and what he can take away from his room. It's a litte bit of cleaning we must do to be able to keep new toys he just got and remove some of his old toys he doesn't play with any longer. After a long thought and process of elimination we finally got it pretty square away. Now his room is a very much more organized then it was earlier in the day. On the other hand Emily wasn't so bad, she did had a messy room earlier, but that was all clean up after we had asked her to pick up her room. It's been a very busy day and it's time for us to hang up the towl and call it a night. I'm going to hit the shower and try to go to bed. That's all for now...

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