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Friday, September 7, 2007

Did you hear about this? Airbus A380 trouble

The Airbus A380, the world's largest commercial passenger aircraft, yesterday scraped the tip of its left wing on a hangar at Suvarnabhumi airport as it was preparing to take off to Chiang Mai on a demonstration flight. The incident delayed the flight, with VIP guests including Thai Airways International (THAI) chairman Chalit Pukbhasuk and journalists on board, by three and a half hours. Flight TG 1380 then proceeded to take off smoothly after engineers removed both winglets. The aircraft's pilot and engineers agreed the megajet could still fly safely as the wings' structure was not affected. Few of the 150 passengers on board noticed the slight bump when the double-decker was pushed back from a parking bay in front of Thai Airways International's maintenance center into the taxiway. Senior executives of the European planemaker Airbus and the Thai national carrier downplayed the situation, describing it as "minor incident" which often happened to aircraft. However, the incident caused some embarrassment especially to THAI whose staff provided the ground handling services for the mammoth jet and some Airbus officials who were helping them on the tarmac. It also raised questions about the proficiency of THAI in offering ground handling services for airlines. (Source: The Bangkok Post)

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