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Monday, September 10, 2007

Pattaya Chonburi

Pattaya Beach is at the centre of the half moon crescent that makes up the Pattaya coastline with Nakula Beach to the north and Jomtien Beach to the south. This part of Pattaya is famous (infamous?) for its nightlife. Very much a hedonist’s paradise, Pattaya Beach is littered with go-go bars and swamped with people employed in the sex industry; both genders (and some of nondescript gender!) and a variety of nationalities including Russians and others from former Eastern Bloc countries. Although this is the part of Pattaya that has most accommodation available, the nature of the nightlife can put families off. In the last few years though there has been a drive to make Pattaya more appealing to families by restricting some of the less salubrious activities. This has been successful to an extent but the area still maintains its go-go, discos and nightclubs. By day the area is somewhat different – the water is packed with jet-skiers, water skiers, powerboats and the sky is full of parasails! It is also a centre for scuba divers. Although as a dive site it might not meet the excellence of other places in Thailand, Pattaya is convenient for Bangkok and those with limited time who want to experience diving might well benefit from taking a course at one of Pattaya’s numerous and inexpensive dive shops. Ko Lan, Ko Sak, Ko Krok, Ko Man Wichai, and Ko Rin are all in easy reach of Pattaya as is a major shipwreck where more advanced divers visit. Pattaya Beach itself has its appeal, but the numerous hawkers walking up and down the beach make it a difficult place to just sit and relax – you are offered everything from food to high technology with annoying regularity. There’s no doubt Pattaya Beach is a fun destination, but one that needs some consideration before a visit. Pattaya has its appeal, but perhaps it might not appeal to you or your situation.

How to get there: Pattaya Beach is on the Songtaew route and getting there is 20 Baht from anywhere in Pattaya.

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