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Monday, October 29, 2007

The Automatic Door

I was working on a Royal Saudi Air Force project in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in November, 1979. I had just got married in February of 1979 in Panama and have my wife with me. We live near a Panda store and I have drove over to the store with my wife so that she can get some groceries from the store. While I wait in the car my wife goes into the store to get the groceries that she needs. The store has just installed a new automatic doors at the entrance to the store. They have just gotten the doors properly adjusted and they are working properly now.

I watch a short Saudi that is about 5 feet tall come to the new automatic doors on the store. He seems to be quite busy and has his hands in pockets. When he get on the pad in front of the automatic doors the open. This startles the man and tries to step back an falls. Then he crawls away from the door looking like they could have eaten him if they wished. Then he gets up and regains some composure. He decides to try again. He gets near the door but does not step on the pad. Then he walks around looking at the doors. Sort of wondering if it is really needed for him to go inside of the store. Then he carefully tries it again. This time he steps on the pad and the door opens and he backs away. Looking very puzzled as the door then closes. He stands around wondering if it is worth it to going into that man eating door. He very carefully starts to walk toward the door. When he steps on the pad of door the door opens and he backs away in amazement again. Now he things he has this door all figured out. He walks up to the door and steps on the pad and the door opens. Then he quickly leaves he is almost running away. I guess that the door has just scared him to much.

Before that my wife returns with the groceries the man returns. This time he has what must be his wife/wives or daughters, there is five veiled women dressed in black, with him and also four children. The old Saudi walks like a general leading and army up to the automatic door. When he steps onto the pad and the door opens and he walks into the store leaving his army looking on in amazement outside of the store. They quickly follow him into the store however. However the children continue to run in and out of the automatic doors. Then my wife returns with the groceries and we leave missing any additional show that the Saudi family would put on for us.

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