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Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Eye Test

After being in Saudi for over a year either our company or the Saudi Government decided that we needed to have Saudi Drivers license. So all of the expats that worked for the company was taken down to the local Saudi clinic for our examination. We was expecting some sort of test like they have in the states to get your driver’s license. We quickly found out they wanted only two things only to confirm what type of blood group that you had and do an eye test.

We all line up and they draw a blood sample from each of us. We are all very concerned because they are Egyptians that take the blood samples from us. They have very little concern for cleanness and sterilization. We are more careful when we shave than they are taking our blood samples. Anyway I do not remember any of us getting sick from the test.

With the blood samples were finished we are now taken to a different part of the clinic to do our eye test. We are concerned because our man that works in the block plant only has one eye. When we get to area were the eye test are done we see the eye chart that they will be using. It only has E’s on it they are in descending order of size with the larger ones at the top and the smaller ones at the bottom like a normal eye chart. However each E is orientated in a different position some E’s are in the normal position some have the legs point up some have the legs pointing down and some have their legs backwards.

They start with me; they have me cover one eye, my left eye with my hand. Then they point to an E on one line and they want me to point which way that the legs are pointing. On the first one the legs point up so I point up with one finger. Then they move lower on the chart to a smaller E and the legs point to the left so I point that way. Then they move lower on the chart and point to an even smaller E which legs point down so I point down. Then they have me uncover my left eye and cover my right eye with my hand. They go through the same process asking me to tell them which way the legs on the E’s legs point when they point them out. I have no problem completing this.

Tony is the next to do the eye check and it comes out alright. Then they move on to our block man which only has one eye. We all hold our breath that it all comes out alright and he can get his Saudi drivers license. He moves to the place we have done our eye test. They ask him to cover his eye. He takes his right hand and covers his left eye. They go through the test and he passes with his good eye. Then they ask him to cover his other eye. We all hold our breath to see what he will do. He then takes down this right hand from coving his left eye and replaces it with the left hand covering the left eye. They proceed with the test and pass him after he completed both eye tests with the same eye. They never seemed to notice what he had done. Anyway he was passed. As if it really mattered.

In a couple of weeks we all had our Saudi driver’s license. However none of us can read what is on them except our blood grouping which is in English letters. They have our picture on them also so we can tell that they are ours. We was never asked for them at any time during our driving anyway

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