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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Flight back to Khamis Mushayt

We make our way to an awaiting vehicle and I listen to the mechanic describe the details of our flight to the driver, as we head to the office in Jeddah. When we reach the office I drop off the things I had brought for the Jeddah office. Then I am given things to bring back to Khamis Mushayt office. Then the mechanic takes me to the compound to stay over night. I find me a room. Then I find a place to eat supper. After supper I go to the shopping area. Since Friday is a day of prayer most of the shops will be closed in the morning. Most will not be opened till about 1:00 and I have to be at the airport at 3:00.

I sort through the small shops gathering the things that we are unable to get at Khamis Mushayt. When my shopping list is all checked off with the things that I can find it is late. I make my way back to the compound and to my room to pack my treasures to take back to Khamis Mushayt. Still I will only have carry on luggage which should save time when that the plane gets back to Khamis Mushayt.

I shower and get into bed. I wondered if we will ever hear anything about the flight tonight what had went wrong. Then I quickly fall asleep.

I awake in the morning shave and clean up. Then go out to find someplace for breakfast. I finally find a nearby restaurant when that I see a couple of westerners in it I go in. They have a breakfast steak and eggs and toast with orange juice. I try that since I am really hungry. I also have him fix me a sandwich to take with me for lunch since most places will be closed for prayer at that time. I return to my room. Then wonder around till it is after 12:00 and go back to the room eat my sandwich and gather up my things. It is almost 1:00 when the mechanic comes by the compound and takes me back to the airport to catch my flight back to Khamis Mushayt.

We wind our way through the streets of Jeddah. I tell the mechanic what had happened to me when that I first came to Jeddah and was taken to the prison. He gets a good laugh at it but it sure was not a laughing matter when it was happening to me. Soon we are in front of the Jeddah Airport. Cars are parked all kinds of ways some are parked parallel like they are suppose to be some are double parked some are parked headed into the sidewalk. Looks more like junk yard parking than a parking in front of an airport. Then they are the drivers that are just honking expecting it to change things for them. The mechanic lets me out and I grab my luggage before that he leaves.

I enter the airport and provide them my ticket. It is already after 2:00 when they give me my boarding pass. Then I make my way to the boarding area. It is not long before that that we are boarding the flight. I push my way to the stairs when they open the boarding gate and enter into the plane. I find my assigned seat. Get my carry on luggage stored in the overhead storage compartment and settle back into my seat. I glance around the plane, if it is the plane we came in on last night they have really done a great job of cleaning it. At that time Saudia had a contract with TWA and they furnished pilots, ground crew, stewardess, and other personnel while training Saudia personnel. It does not seem long before that they are closing the door. Then the stewardess starts on the safety procedures first in Arabic then in English. When this is completed we start taxiing for the runway. Soon we turn onto the runway. Then the engines are gunned and we are powered quickly down the runway and gain takeoff speed. I can feel the wheels leave the ground and we are airborne.

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