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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

It was a harrowing adventure for me

The taxi speeds off to the new location that the office guard told him to take me. When that we arrive there is nobody their also. However I find an open door to a room and take in my suitcases. I find the bathroom and shower. Then after all that has happened I fall fast asleep, after locking the door.

I was awaken in a few hours and shaved and get cleaned up and put on some different cloths. Then I find an office were a man is working. His back is to me and when that I tap him on his shoulders he jumps and I realize that I have really startled/scared him. “What! Are you doing here?” the man ask. “I would like to know that myself.” I said. “I was taken to prison last night before finding my way here, since nobody meet me at the airport like they was suppose to.” “Have you ate breakfast yet?” The man ask. “No, I have just gotten up and was trying to find out were I was suppose to go.” I answered. He said “Leave your suitcases here and I will take you to the office. Were they can get this all straightened out for you.”

I follow him out of the office and into his jeep. We get in and move out onto the road that just brought me their a few hours before. Then we head back down the road to the office. We arrive at the office and it looks very different in daylight and it is a lot busier place that it was at 2:00 AM in the morning?

When we reach the office I am taken into the manger office and I relay the story to him about what had happen to me after leaving the airport since nobody meet me at the airport when I was trying to find the J. A. Jones complex. He called in an office assistant and ask why that I was not meet at the airport. He explained that very few of the people ever show up even though they were telexed that I would be their and what flight I would be coming in on. Only one out of ten actually show up it seemed a waste of time to try and have somebody meet all the flights when only a few show up. We hoped you could find your way to our offices. However this being my first time I did not know to have all the information before leaving of were to go and a contact when I arrived. It was a harrowing adventure for me.

At this time all the embassies are in Jeddah. Since in the earlier days it was a hard trip through the desert by horse or camel overland to Riyadh since no roads or cars was available then. Also the Saudi’s wanted to keep the infidels that are building their kingdom out of their capital city. Later all the embassies was moved to the capital at Riyadh.

After being taken out for breakfast I return to the office. I complete the needed paperwork and turn over my passport to them for processing. Although it is illegal for them to keep my passport it is a requirement of the Saudi Arabian government, it seems the US government turns a blind eye to that in Saudi Arabia and does not enforce it like they should. It is lunch time by the time all of this has been completed, contract signed, insurance papers signed, and a large stack of other papers signed also. They then take me out to lunch. When that we return from lunch they have gotten me a ticket on the flight to Khamis Mushayt were that I will be working. They confirm that somebody will meet my flight at Khamis. Although they have no telephones to the office in Khamis the government has allowed them to have a radio so that they can call at pre set times. The flight leaves at 4:00 PM for Khamis. I am taken back to the compound to gather up my things and repack what I have taken out of the suitcases. When this is complete I get into the jeep with my driver and am taken back to the airport I left just last night. The driver guides me through the waves of people many sitting on the floor, they look like they have been there for a very long time. We finally get to the check in counter. I provide them my ticket and they check in my bags for the flight. I am provided the boarding pass and the receipt for the bags. The driver shows me were to go and he is not allowed to pass the guard unless he has a boarding pass. So he shakes my hand and leaves as I proceed to the boarding gate for my flight to Khamis.

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