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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I quickly lose all sense of time

I travel on down the path and finally come to the area that we call Camel Island. It has an island just off the coast. That forms a bay which is lined by coral and wonderful sites in the water. I pull off the path and find a suitable area were that I can make a camp beside the sea. It is near the tress but far enough away that the breeze from the sea should keep the mosquitoes away from me. I have a canvas that I attach to the Nissan Patrol then have two supporting poles which makes for a lean-to on the Nissan Patrol. This provides some shad and protection in case that it would rain. I have a bottom part of a 30 gallon barrel that has been turned into a cooker. It has a grill that fits on top and I have gathered the scrap wood from site to be able to make a fire. I set our kerosene lantern on the post that makes the lean-to. Since it is dark by the time I am set up I light the fire in the cooker and make my evening meal. Then I can unroll my bedroll and get some sleep. The stars are so bright being alone by the sea I can make out some of the many constellations and they seem so near without any street light or other lights nearby. I fall asleep listening to the sound of the waves on the beach and feel the breeze from over the water in this wonderland.

In the morning I wake up and it is time for breakfast. I have a homemade sheet metal cooler which I lined by Styrofoam and works well. Trying to get a normal cooler here is next to impossible. There is a very few and they are very expensive in this area. The people that know use them for shipping containers in their shipments. I get some bread a couple of eggs and some beef bacon from it for my breakfast. The cooker works well and I have the bacon and eggs fixed in short order. Then I make toast and have a cup of tea for breakfast. With breakfast over I can start my reason for being here.

I take out a two man life raft which I had ordered from Sears. However to inflate it I need a compressor. The Nissan Patrol engine is a copy of the old Chevy in line 6 cylinder engine. They copied it so closely that even the Chevy parts will fit it. You can use the same Chevy points, carburetor, and other parts on it. If it did not have the Nissan name on the engine you would swear that it was a Chevy. I remove the front spark plug from the motor and screw in a valve with a hose that allows you to use this as a compressor. I do this and then I can inflate my life raft. After my life raft is inflated I put the spark plug back and the Nissan Patrol is ready to roll if needed. I have a small tool chest that I keep in the Nissan Patrol with the compressor and other tools just in case that they are needed.

With the life raft inflated I get my fishing gear my spear gun and my face mask and snorkel. Then gather some hotdogs for lunch and I am ready to head out for the day. I put out some markers on the road so when that Tony comes down today can find were that I made camp and have everything all set up. Then I am ready to head out for the day.

I pull the life raft down to the bay and start out. The temperature of the Red Sea in this area stays almost constant. It seems to stay at 72 to 80 degrees. So you feel warm when you enter it on cold days and cool when the temperature is 100 degrees. I swim and pull the life raft behind me. Then I snorkel and find some fish that I can shoot with the spear gun. I collect some of the more interesting sea shell as I move along the seashore. I get a couple of nice grouper and a red snapper that has come in close to shore. I find an area that has the rippled clams. They are so beautiful in the water. When they are open they have such wonderful colors a bright fluorescent blue and orange and green and many more colors as they are filter feeders and filter out their food from the water. When open they look like a bed of flowers in the coral. Sometime the coral grows around them so much they are barely able to open. The older clams have grown so much they are unable to close completely. However the younger ones can. I quickly lose all sense of time. It is after 1:00 in the afternoon when that I stop to cook my hotdogs and to eat lunch. While I fix lunch I cast out my rod and catch a couple of croakers which I add to my stringer with the other fish I have. I travel along the island and reach the mouth of the bay. Since the wind and tide is moving in I decide what that I will do is just let the wind and tide wash me back to camp while that I fish. I paddle out and soon the wind and tide is moving me toward camp. I cast out and troll as I make my way back to camp. I catch a couple more fish while trolling.

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