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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It seems to be getting mad

Then something strange happens. My life raft is moving not toward the shore but out into the Red Sea against the wind and the tide. I cannot understand this. What has gone wrong. Has the tide changed or what? Then I pull on my stringer. I see that the fish on the stringer has been eaten by a small shark Which is about 4 feet long. It is happily headed out to the Red Sea after its meal of my fish. The shark maybe a reef shark or they do have some tiger sharks in this area I cannot tell which is on the end of my stringer. I have caught sharks before and after this but this time I was caught by a shark. I had caught a hammer head shark before while paddling out in an inner tube to were the coral drops off starts. As long as I kept pressure on my line the shark keep its head down in the coral so the Yemenis that were on the nearby beach swam out and tied a rope around its tail and pulled it in. They cut it up and had given us some of its meat and we tried it. It was terrible when we gave it to the cats they would not eat it so I had to bury it to get rid of the smell. Guess we did not know how to cook it or clean it or it was to old. At the village I passed they dried shark meat and it has a terrible smell do not think I could eat that unless I was very, very hungry. Any way since the shark is so small how long can the shark drag a life raft around. After two hours the shark is moving faster than it was when it started. It seems to be getting mad. I think the best decision is to cut it loose before it would decide to attack the life raft. I find my knife and reach down and cut the stringer. The shark swims off slowly and is quickly out of site. The life raft removed from its shark motor seems to move swiftly toward my awaiting camp. When I dock the life raft Tony has arrived. We talk about what had happened and get a laugh out of it. Latter others told me how lucky I was the shark did not attack the life raft. Any way I missed becoming shark food that time.

Since it is quickly turning dark we decide to fix supper. I have some steaks to cook. I put the steaks in aluminum foil along with potatoes, tomato’s, bell peppers, and carrots. I salt and pepper this and add garlic power for flavor. Then I put in each steak and mixture in a different aluminum foil packet and put it on my cooker. It takes a while for this to cook but when it is cooked in its own juices it makes a complete meal. After a day of swimming, snorkeling, and fishing I am hungry. It is really dark by the time our meal is cooked. After the meal we talk some more then get into our bed rolls. It is not long before that we fall asleep.

In the morning I start the fire in the cooker and I have breakfast started by the time that Tony wakes up. We have the beef bacon, fried eggs, and toast for breakfast. While we are eating we notice that the tide has gone out and the camels on camel island is coming to the mainland. However the water is deep and the camels knows were to go to find the shallowest part. Still the water is above were the camels neck attaches to the body. It makes them look like sea dragons moving through the water with just their head and humps showing. I wondered if this is were the old idea of sea dragons come from.

After breakfast Tony decides that he wants to catch and ride one of the camels. I have a rope and we act like real cowboys without horses. Chasing camels on foot and trying to rope them. We get a rope on one and bring it in. They smell so bad that when we get on and ride the camels that we smell just like they did. After the fun with the camels we pick up some more sea shells. We wash off in the Red Sea to get rid of the camel smell and it takes some real scrubbing by us. By that time it is time for lunch. We just have some cool sandwiches and potato chips for lunch. After lunch it is time to head back to our camp. I break camp and get everything back into the Nissan Patrol and follow Tony back to camp.

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