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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Slavery officially ended in 1969 in Saudi Arabia

The trucks only travel at night to keep cool and to keep from being seen, the nights in the desert in a moving truck can be really cold. They rest during the day and this keeps the trucks from over heating also. They start out and travel about six hours. Then the truck diver stops. When the trucks stop the truck driver allows everybody out of the truck. Then he asks if anybody wants any food or water which he will gladly sell to them. Most are hungry and thirsty but have no money to buy the food and water that they need. After a short break they travel on. This time many wants to stop to go to the bathroom, the driver will not stop. The guard sleeps when they are traveling and the guard watches over the driver during the day when he sleeps. Also by this time some of the passengers are getting travel sickness. The waste of going to the bathroom and the vomit of the people with travel sickness all filter down through the racks of each floor. Making the truck a real garbage wagon with a human cargo in it. After the first night the driver stops for the day. Some of the passengers want their money back. However the driver and his guard both have guns and refuse to repay any money. However they continue to sell food and water to anyone that has the money to buy it. A couple of the passengers just give up and try walking back to Yemen. Some that do this become lost and die of thirst in the desert. The days in the desert is hot and the passengers try what ever they can to keep cool. In the evening the same thing starts again with the driver and his guard selling food and water to the passengers. Then they start out again traveling 6 hours and stopping. Then they travel till daybreak. When they stop and rest again. This continues and on the third day two people have died from lack of food and water and from the filth that they are traveling in. It seems the driver and his guard is use to this. They produce a couple of shovels and have the people dig shallow graves and bury these people. Then they travel on.

When the trip continues the passengers are desperate they promise the driver and his guard anything if they will allow them to have food and water. By the fifth day the truck makes it to Riyadh. The passengers get out of the truck the best that they can. Some of the passenger has fathers, brother, uncles or just friends that meet the truck and help them. They give them food and water and wash and clean them. The Yemen foreman did not have anybody to help him but found a Yemen from his village that took him in. He was sick for over a week before that he could get around very well. Then it took another week of rest and eating before he was able to work and start making money. He said he would never do that again and would not allow anybody he knew to make that trip that way. One of the drivers was killed on one of the trips however nobody knew how to drive the truck and the complete truck load perished when food and water ran out. Slavery officially ended in 1969 in Saudi Arabia.

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