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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

To Catch a Thief

The company had provided us with a house in Mogadishu, Somalia near the hotel that we had stayed in when we first set up the project. It is July, 1986. It seems in this part of the world they never finish the houses. The house we have is a three bedroom two bath house with a kitchen and living room. They build a stairway on the out side of the house to the roof which has all of the rebar sticking up like they are going to build a second story and then just leave it like that.

Since they have no English TV station we often to up to the roof to watch the stars and just look at the falling stars and all. One night I was on the roof just drinking a beer when that I heard a noise below. I could see a Somalia had climbed over the glass covered wall and was trying to look in the windows. Knowing that he was looking to steal something. I picked up one of the rock that our guard had carried to the roof to throw at the kids when they come around the house. Then after taking careful aim I threw it at the Somalia. I connected hitting him on his head. He went to his knees looking amazed at were the rock could have come from. I cannot help by laugh at him. This gives away my position and he knows were that I am located. He staggers to the wall and makes it over the wall before that I can make it down the stairs and get to him. At least he did not get to steal anything. I bet he really had a headache that night and when he woke up in the morning. I went back to my star watching and then went to bed. I just did not sleep good that night though.

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