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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Changing Phases

When that I was little I had long curly blond hair. I keep the blond hair till that I was older. Mother had my long blond hair cut because people thought that I was a girl. One of our neighbors cut my hair for me. She did not want to cut it since it looked so nice. I do not think that my hair really started to turn to its brown color till I started to school. It seemed that during the summer when that we would swim in the ponds the hair would turn back to a blond color. My hair was always curly, and wavyie. Whenever the weather would cloud up and a rainstorm was coming my hair would turn into tight curls on my head and mother said it was a rain predictor. However when I got older it was just wavy. Then as I got older my hair turned grey just the next phase. However I never turned bald like my brother or my Uncle Johnny. Guess that is the three phases from blond, to brown, to grey.

When that I was in Khamis Mushayt I use to go to the military barber to get my hair cut. They used a very different way to remove facial hair than I had ever seen. After they cut your hair they took string and twisted it and held one part in their mouth and the other parts in their two hands. As they rolled this string over your cheeks and it pulled out the facial hair. I do not know how but it did it but it worked. I do not known but think these barbers was from Turkey but they may not of been. It did hurt but not a lot. But it did remove the facial hair. Maybe they should get on television. When that we go to Thailand I like to go to the young Thai girl barbers and get a message and a hair cut. However my wife tries to guide me away from them and to the men barbers.

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