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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I shot once and missed

However one spring our dog “Shep”, named by our Dad, caught a rabbit and killed it. I latter found that this rabbit had babies and I found them. I brought them to the house and bottle feed them. I think Shep had handled three of the four baby rabbits and these three died. However the four one lived and we keep it in a box covered by a towel in the house. One day it got out of the box. By this time it was eating hard food and we would put out an apple or carrot for it at night when it came out to eat and it would hide all day. This worked quite well till, Mother had club at the house one day. The club ladies seen the rabbit hopping around and mistaked it for a rat. Well when club was over and I got home the search was on for the rabbit in the house. We finally cornered it in the front bedroom and after much effort we was able to catch it. I released it outside hoping it would be able to make it way in the outside world now.

It was October and I made my way to the pond with Dad and Johnnie to get some ducks. We come in from behind the dam. Then we would raise up over the dam and shoot the ducks as they flew off. Dad had a 12 gauge Winchester pump model 1898, and Johnnie would use the old Davis (think it was from Sears) 12 gauge double barrel that Uncle Johnny had in the summer kitchen. I got to carry the 22 rifle.

One day Dad was not home and he let Johnnie use his pump shot gun and then I could use the double barrel shot gun. I had never shot a shotgun before so when that we got to the hedge row, Johnnie was going to show me how to shot with it. I had it loaded and their was all kind of hedge balls laying on the pasture. Johnnie told me to point at the hedge balls with the shot gun and leave about 2 or 3 inch’s between the shot gun stock and my shoulder. I aimed at the hedge balls and pulled the trigger. A loud boom happened and I went flying backwards and ended up on the ground. Johnnie was laughing so hard I knew that he had told me wrong that I should have held the stock up against my shoulder when that I shot it. I tried again by holding the gun against my shoulder and it worked just fine. Now I was ready to try it on the mallard ducks that was on our pond. We sneaked up behind the pond. Then we jumped up and I shot one mallard as it flew up and got another one or two as they were flying away, I could not tell for sure. Johnnie had shot 3 times but we had seven mallards laying on the pond. Mom cleaned these for us because she want to keep the down which she used in quilts and pillows. These was my first ducks and I had gotten them with a double barreled 12 gauge. Latter I used this gun and sneaked up on a flock of snow geese in a wheat field and was able to shot my first goose with the double barrel 12 gauge. I still have this 12 gauge double barrel shot gun. They flew when I got close. I shot once and missed. However my second shot brought down a goose from the flock. It was wonderful to watch the goose break from the flock and head for the wheat field. Both the corn feed mallard and the goose was great to eat. Also the down went into quilts and pillows mother made. I have hunted and shot many more ducks and geese with this gun which I still have. I now have a Browning 12 gauge side by side and a Browning over and under that I now use.

I grew up when that every male had an obligation of 8 years of service to the country. If you got drafted you severed 2 years in active service then you still had 6 years to serve in inactive guard that could be called up if the country went to war. If you served 4 years in active service then you still had 4 years to serve in the inactive guard. My brother Johnny took the 6 months of active duty in the active guard then meet one weekend a month in active duty for the 8 years. I took the 2 years with a 6 month extension in the Seabee’s and went to Viet-Nam. Then 6 years latter I was given an honorable discharge in 1976. It is not like the present day service then when you was in you was in. Their was no contact, you stayed for what ever amount of time you signed up for. You got force used on you if you got out of line. Not like the present day military.

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