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Sunday, November 11, 2007

I would be singled out for serving our country in Viet-Nam

I glance out the plane window and can see that we are now nearing Los Angles and the plane turns inland to the Los Angles airport. We are now over the city and its freeways. Soon the plane get into its landing pattern to the Los Angles airport. The commuter flight lands a long way from were the domestic terminal is. It is such a nice day I decide to just walk instead of catching a taxi and to save the money. When that I near the terminal I see a large group of demonstrators around the airport. However since I had not seen the news or read the newspapers I had no way of knowing they were protesting against the war in Viet-Nam. They gather at the airport mob the returning servicemen when they go into the airport to return to their homes.

As I near the mob I hear them yelling “Baby killer” “Loser” they are yelling that I can make out and many other things that I am unable to make out. Then I am hit with a tomato on my white uniform. A man rush at me with a plate of catsup to hit me with, I am able side step and hit him but still I get some of the catsup on my uniform and shoes. The police do not seem to be doing much to protect the service personnel from the war protestors. I manage to get into the door at the airport and the airport security does stop the war protestors from entering the building.

I go to the closest bathroom remove my top and clean it the best I can. I clean my shoes and clean the tomato juice from my face also. I have another top in my carry on and I am forced to put it on since I will never be able to clean the one the war protestors have damaged. This is the first of many times I would be singled out for serving our country in Viet-Nam. Later if I put my service record down on employment forms I would be told I was not needed. I found it easier just to put down that I was unemployed if I expected to get employed or even get reviewed for employment. 43 years later the University at Pittsburg would put a Viet-Nam Veterans memorial by the University. This is much too late I wonder how many lives’s was lost or damaged because of these acts against Viet-Nam veterans. Seems many of the war protestors worked on US Aid programs or the Peace Corp. then went to work with the US State Dept. and then they singled out people that were Viet-Nam veterans when they filed to bring their wives from overseas to the states or to get them US citizenship.

I travel on to Phoenix and am able to get Tammy and Eddy. We avoid crows when ever that I see them because I do not want the kids to see the terrible nature of the war protestors. We travel back to Pittsburg, Kansas and we are able to see the first man walk on the moon. I am able to use my new Pentex camera to take pictures of the children on the tree that over hangs the lake at Lakeside Park. I have put away my uniform and we keep away from any crowds. We go to Silver dollar city but I do not wear the uniform and get the discount because I do not want any chance of the children being hurt by war protestors. I do not put the uniform back on till I have to get the flight back.

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