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Thursday, November 15, 2007

So Mad So Cute

It is June 1979 in Panama City, Panama. It is on a Sunday afternoon an me and Dow my new wife has just come from visiting friends. It is the typical hot humid tropical day in Panama. We decide to stop by the Panama Canal store and get some ice cream on the way home. When that we get to the store all of the parking places are taken so I find one at the very back of the parking lot. Dow gets out and goes into the store. Just as she enter the store a cars moves from the front of the store opening a parking space their. I pull up to the parking place that the car pulled out of leaving that parking place for me. Then I get out of the pickup so that I will be able to see Dow when that she comes out of the store because the pickup is facing north and the store door is to the south. While I am standing at the back of the pickup Tony comes by and we start to talk. Some how I miss Dow coming out of the store with the ice cream. She heads to the spot were that we were parked. Not finding me their she starts back to the store. Then I see her. I get into the pickup and head down and pick her up. She is fuming mad. I cannot blame her since she has walked all the way to the back of the parking lot. However she looks so cute when that she is mad like that. I cannot help but loving her when she is like that. It seems shortly all is forgiven and we can enjoy the ice cream. I really only wanted to help her so she would not have to walk so far.

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