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Friday, November 2, 2007

These turkeys became our Thanksgiving meal

Mother brought some pans and came down to the well beside the chicken house. We showed Mom our catch and the bullfrog and explained about each fish each of us had caught. Also how Uncle Johnny had shot the bull frog. It was time to clean our catch. Johnnie and I helped but most of the cleaning of the fish was done by Mom and Uncle Johnny. Uncle Johnny helped us put the cane poles on racks in the garage so that they could be used again and again. Then Uncle Johnny got in his pickup to return to his house in Pittsburg. Mom took the catch to the house. These fish and frog would make our supper tonight.

We spent a lot of time with Uncle Johnny. Since he would come out and be with us during the day when that Dad was at work. When Dad would come home we would do work like cleaning the chicken house or the barn. Not fun things like hunting or fishing like we did with Uncle Johnny. Sometimes the family would go to the pond fishing. However I remember going with Uncle Johnny the most. Uncle Johnny built raised pens for the white turkey’s that Mom raise. These turkeys became our Thanksgiving meal. I helped him with these. Uncle Johnny always selected the best wood to use for building. Do not think he could ever find wood that is good enough to build with now. I learned skills from helping and watching Uncle Johnny work that would help later me in life.

Latter one day Uncle Johnny brought out to us two tool boxes that he had made for Johnnie and me. He had made them out of wood and they were about 18 inch’s long 12 inch’s wide and about 12 inch’s high. The sides was 1X4”s and the edges of both ends of the tools boxes were cut at 45 degree angles and it had a 1 inch dowel through them for the handle. Uncle Johnny had painted them bright red and had our initials on both ends of the tool boxes. It seemed that Uncle Johnny’s favorite color was red and he painted everything he could red. He had also put tools in our tool boxes. I was really proud of this tool box and tools when he gave them to us. These tools and tool boxes became a very important part of our lives. We used these to build and fix all sort of things. Some time when I was in High School my tool box became lost. Uncle Johnny by providing these impressed how important tools were and how their use saved many things for me latter on.

It was important to be able to shoot we learned to hunt rabbits with a single shot 22 rifles and they became an important part of our life. We had a Stevens’s 22 crack shot, that Dad had given to Johnny for his birthday, which had a drop lever with a side handle that moved down allowing you to load and unload the gun. It was a really safe gun because you could see the hammer on the gun and knew if it was cocked or not. We would get a box of shells and their was 50 shells in the box. These would last of a long time. Most of the time a box of shells would put 48 or 49 rabbits on our table. We shot good and picked our shots carefully. We tried for only head shots and would hunt only when that it was cold. During the spring and summer the rabbits was having babies so we done no hunting during these times.

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