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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Affiliate Marketing

After a bit of a learning curve this can be a very simple process to get involve with. Basically affiliate marketing involved the process of selling other's people products and you can ear commission from what you sell. There are no inventory, you don't have to own anthing, and you don't even have to talk to a customers. Because the company does it all for you. The companies pay you commission for selling their products.

One place to find great products to sell for commission is Clickbank, and they sells only digital products, meaning products that can only be downloaded. It is inexpensive to produce so the commission is very large somewhere upward to 75% commission.

You have to open an account with Clickbank, to start promoting products. Your account id is your tracking code which are made unique to your affiliate link. You drive the traffic to you affiliate link and any sale you made they will transferred the commission into your account.

With a little bit of time and knowledge you can make some money online. You will also get an understanding of how these online affliliate marketing really works. You'll become a bit more knowledgable on making money programs and have feel of what it does.

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