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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

List Builder Pro

Are you building a quality list of targeted and responsive

Although what has been said for years is true - that
building your customer list is the most critical part of your
business - what's equally as important is the quality and
responsiveness of your subscribers.

The reason is simple: A targeted list will outperform an
untargeted list any day of the week.

Think I'm over exaggerating?

Listen to what Tony Neely of Pheonix, AZ has to say about
list building and how it helped make him over $12,000
in just a couple of weeks ...

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Did you know that List Builder Pro is the only list building
program of its kind with 53 pages of customer reviews
and 265 testimonials and success stories from real people
just like you?

"List Builder Pro has been the single best investment of my
time and money into building my list. I am already 3
months into it and in that time over 99% of my leads are
still subscribed. A fantastic tool for anyone who wants to
make money online."
- Robert Gavin,

"Thanks for delivering on your promise of highly targeted
leads to my autoresponder. I have been with you for only
4 weeks and have received all the promised leads. And of
those leads, 90% have stayed with my program. Your
features on the web site really helped to narrow my
leads to highly focused leads. I have already
recommended you to all of my marketing friends. Thanks
again Erik, you have a lifetime customer."
- Doug Samuelson,

"What a GREAT service you provide with List Builder Pro. I
just signed up a month ago and your system has provided
me good focused leads to my personal autoresponder. I
would recommend List Builder Pro for anyone looking to
build a list quickly."
- Cris Cohen,

"I cannot believe how much easier my Internet business
has become. Since joining List Builder Pro I have increased
my referrals by 100%. List Builder Pro lives up to what is
advertised. I will recommend it to all the members I have.
Keep up the great job you are doing."
- Scott Caile, Eaglesnest Marketing Group, LLC

"I recently made the commitment to devote the time and
services necessary to grow my business. Time is extremely
important to me since I am working with my base clients
while taking classes toward my doctorate in natural
health. Thankfully, I found List Builder Pro. They build my
client base which allows me the time to do what I love
best, "helping others heal." List Builder Pro actually takes
you by the hand, and leads you through the process of
getting the necessary information while they do the rest. I
cannot thank you enough."
- Paul Keene,

"I signed up for an autoresponder service but quickly
discovered that it might not help if I didn't already have a
massive subscriber list already in place. It's kind of like
when you're starting out in the job world and everyone
asks, 'What kind of experience do you have?' Starting out,
how could you have any? Everything I've learned points to
the importance of a list. That's where List Builder Pro
comes in."
- Arthur Gahagan,

I decided to use List Builder Pro to jumpstart my new
Internet marketing company. I read about the service in
an article and an Internet marketing ebook, and decided to
take a look and see what all the hype was about ... and
now I know. The extensive number of testimonials
provided by a number of marketing powerhouses I know
and respect convinced me to try List Builder Pro. It was a
'no brainer.' List Builder Pro has it all. I now have a one
stop shop to run my business - from lead generation to
autoresponder services, and so much more. List Builder
Pro definitely gives the most "bang for my buck" online
today - hands down. Give it a try ... that is if you want a
fresh, responsive list to push you to the next level."
- Chris Sullivan, Author of "The Dirty Truth About Real
Internet Success"

"I just joined List Builder Pro, and I'm very happy I did. I
have tried everything to build a good list, and almost
everything failed ... until I tried List Builder Pro. List Builder
Pro is an excellent service, and it delivers your subscribers
fast. If you want to build a responsive list fast - even if
you're on a budget - try List Builder Pro ... it's the best."
- Sander Ettinger, Author of "The Truth About Muscle Gain
and Bodybuilding"

"After nearly two years of using traditional methods of list
building, my list has grown faster in a week than it had in
the prior 24 months simply by using List Builder Pro."
- Vincent Harris,

After reading every list building report, ebook and
everything else on the net, I was so blessed that I found
List Builder Pro. At first It all sounded like a scam because I
didn't really understand the concept ... but now I'm
extremely happy with your service. I have tried everything
from pay-per-clicks, email leads ... you name it. Nothing
has come close to List Builder Pro. I was able to build my
list to over 250 people without buying bogus
autoresponder leads and lists. I'm very happy with List
Builder Pro ... I'm going to order another 1000 this week.
- Giovanni Santiago,

"List Builder Pro is the best co-registration company hands
down. I've tried others to get subscribers but they were
extremely slow. Everyone knows that subscribers are the
life blood of any online business, and that the money is in
the list. The list is here - List Builder Pro."
- Charles Dunbar,

"I have increased my subscription base over 700% in the
first month. More important, my click throughs have
jumped to over 36%. I'm so glad that I found List Builder
Pro. My subscription base continues to grow on a daily
basis. I am very pleased with the quick response that I
have had concerning any questions. The staff at List
Builder Pro quickly answers my questions in a professional
manner. Thank you List Builder Pro."
- Don Buddenbohm,

Still skeptical? Read on ...

265 Testimonials & Success Stories

Now would be a good time to start building a quality list of
targeted and responsive subscribers ...

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