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Monday, July 28, 2008

What if 98.4% reject your offer?

Did you know that when marketing expert Russell Brunson
interviewed Vincent James, he explained that 98.4% of the
people he sends his offers to don't buy?

That means his sales letter ONLY converted at 1.6% ...

... but, he was still able to make over $100 million in less
then 23 months.

Can you create an offer that more than 98 out of 100
people reject, and less than 2 out of 100 people buy?

If so, then marketing genius Vincent James and his simple
12 Month Millionaire blueprint can help you turn your
ideas into millions.

This millionaire's salesletter ONLY converted at 1.6%!
Check it out here right now:

P.S. Discover the amazing money-making secret of
28-year-old convicted felon Vincent James, who earns
more money per year than the CEOs of Fedex ... Ebay ... ... Time Warner ... Apple Computer ...
Mcdonalds ... Microsoft ... Nike ... Yahoo ... Ford Motor
Company ... General Motors ... and Goodyear combined!

The 12 Month Millonaire Course

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