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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What is Conduit?

On-demand website syndication solutions that increase traffic, revenue and brand loyalty. Create a community toolbar and syndicate your website directly to the browser. (Download our community toolbar today)

You can post links on your site to your toolbar download page, insert a “Toolbar” link into your site’s main navigation bar, feature your toolbar in e-newsletters, email registered users about it, talk it up in download sites, forums, blogs and talkbacks.
Enhance your email signature with a link to your toolbar download page, promote it virally and create buzz, publicize it offline in ads, press releases, and direct mailings.

Enhance your toolbar:
Consider the needs and wants of your community members and upgrade your toolbar with the most relevant content and components. Add personalized components to your toolbar (gadgets, site login, site search, and more…) Set up special offers and free trials exclusively available through the toolbar. Add sticky components (radio, email notifier, weather forecaster) that will increase user retention.

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